Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker of 2019 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide

Coffee is a useful beverage for those who adore it and have an addiction over it. People drink it to remove tiredness, get freshness or wake up overnight. As a result, they make it as an addiction or habit. Sometimes they are so addicted that can’t pass a single day without a single cup of brewed Coffee.

If you are similar to them, hope it’s the right place for you. But Its too complicated to go a coffee roaster whenever you deserve a cup of coffee. Regarding this, it may be a great solution for you to make your coffee at home or office if you have the best 4 cup coffee maker. 

A coffee maker is considered a part of a family who drinks coffee every morning to start the day with full motions. You can have a perfect cup of coffee at home or outside if you have the best coffee machine.

It helps you to understand the necessity of it and not to go out drinking a cup of ground coffee from a coffee roaster. The best part is that it will make you a professional coffee brewer too.

In this article, we have reviewed the 10 best 4 cup coffee makers of 2019 online. So Let’s start brewing your coffee with full flavor, and it’s your day.

Which Coffee Maker You Should Buy?

It would be an essential Question that how many cups of coffee do you want to make at a time? In most cases, it depends on how many people drink coffee of this family at once. A 4 cup coffee brew machine is perfect for where are two coffee drinkers.

It can provide freshly brewed coffee that would be enough for two large travel cups or mugs. If there are two coffee drinkers in your house not at once, it might be worth considering for select 4 Cup Coffee Makers.

Otherwise, A 12 cup coffee press can be the best machines for a big size family, but for a small family a 12 cup coffee maker would be much more significant that’s it brew. So to find out a coffee maker that can brew the perfect quantity of mugs or cups is an ideal choice. And the 4 cup coffee makers are excellent for them.

The difference between a 4 cup and a 12 cup coffee machine is that just quantity. Although there is some difference between 4 cups and 12 cups coffee makers like brands, style and amount, it can brew coffee with its quality and style that a coffee lover deserves. This coffee press might help the user’s natural brewing process with its well-made features.

How to Pick the Right Coffee Maker?

Coffee is such a kind of drink which is very popular among both older and younger generations. There are many people who starts their day with a cup of coffee. Some people drink strong black coffee with no milk, some people like light types of coffee. 

A perfect cup of coffee can make our day better. Which coffee maker is the best is a challenge for us. Coffee makers have different prices and different features. We have to follow some guides to buy the best 4 cup coffee maker.

  1. First of all, we have to what types of coffee we would like to drink or taste. We have to check the reviews of that specific coffee maker. Usually, we can understand by checking different studies of different coffee makers.
  2. We think that our duty is over after buying a coffee maker. This concept is wrong. We have to clean each time after using the coffee maker. We have to turn off the coffee maker and unplug. Then we have to remove all parts so that we can clean properly. A dirty coffee maker will always give us dirty tasting coffee.
  3. There is a common complain that we cannot get perfect coffee. We have to check our age and freshness of coffee beans. We should also consider the amount of water. Then we should reflect the temperature while making coffee. There is a standard temperature for making coffee.
  4. Sometimes, we forget to think about our budget though it is the most crucial issue. Many people believe that we cannot get a good coffee maker with a low budget. We can get a good ​coffee maker with a reasonable budget.
  5. Finally, before buying any coffee maker, we have to check out the advantages and disadvantages of that specific coffee maker. Different coffee makers have different pros and cons.

There are a few techniques which can change the taste of coffee, but we have to choose a good coffee maker. At the end of the day, every coffee brewer has a different perspective about which is the best coffee maker. We have to keep it in our mind that we have to follow some guides and explore everything.

Without research, we cannot understand which one is good and which one is not good. Paying extra doesn’t mean that we can get a good coffee maker. We have to find out the best one which suits us the most.

best 4 cup coffee maker
Factor to Consider When Buying

Some features should be studied before buying a whole coffee press for your kitchen. It helps you getting ideas and taking the best one.

  Material of Carafe

How many times your coffee maker will serve you with quality coffee, it depends on your choice. Most of the coffee machine made of Heat-resistant Borosilicate glass, stainless steel, glass carafe, double wall stainless steel and thermal carafes.

Among all of these coffee machines, the stainless steel carafe made devices are perfect because it protects the glass carafe from any chips and cracks. It gives quality coffee, easy to clean and safe for the dishwasher.


It’s the first features to consider before investing in a project. That means before buying any coffee press, you have to check the Items to know how much is it consistent. If it doesn’t match with your demands, you might not get quality coffee.


Size is the factor in choosing a perfect coffee machine. Before selecting a coffee maker, you should determine that how much longer or space in your kitchen. If there is enough space to take a big coffee press, it can be picked otherwise don’t. So the dimensions and the weight of products must be considered before purchasing it.


Everybody wants to get a standard coffee press that can clean and wash easily. If you're going to buy a coffee maker for your kitchen, you should select a quality based device that helps it in several years while serving coffee with quality, not quantity. It protects the coffee machines from any chips and cracks.


You have to look for a Heat-resistant and insulated stainless steel carafe to control the temperature. It will help to maintain the temperature in the winter season when the weather is low and will keep the coffee warm for hours.


Another critical issue is that coffee brewing time. All the coffee makers don’t get the same time to brew coffee. Some get several times, and some can prepare coffee instantly.

So keep in mind that products you are buying won’t allow programming option when need to schedule brewing time. Check the product information before purchasing to get the system you want.


It is an excellent idea to choose a coffee maker that comes with a permanent filter. Because you don’t have to depend on papers filters and it will increase you coffee maker durability.


Most of the times the coffee maker brands offer some extra items with a coffee press. Like Replacement filter, carousels, pods and mugs. It will help to decrease the total price of that coffee machine.

best 4 cup coffee maker

The 10 Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker of 2019

#1 Cuisinart DCC-450BK 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Cuisinart DCC- 450BK 4 Cup Coffeemaker might be an excellent choice for your kitchen. It gives you the feeling of ground coffee which you deserve from a Coffee shop. It designed for brewing with quality and tasty coffee of its level like others 12 cup coffee machine. It doesn’t have any clocks or timer to check the brew time, and it might not get enough time to brew your coffee. 

This coffee press produces delicious and impressive coffee that you didn’t enjoy before. So, we picked it on our list as one of the best 4 cup coffee makers which are Built to North American Electrical Standards. It contains a durable and heat resistant carafe with all others essential features and specification also. It is considered as an electrical coffee maker for the North American people.

The carafe has made of Stainless-steel with a dripless pour spout and knuckled guard which helps to protect from any chips, cracks, and breaks. It is durable and heat resistant and enables to keep the coffee warm for hours. It also has indicator lights which help to know the machine is on or off containing a 30 minutes automatic shutoff button.

The Brew-pause feature helps to enjoy a cup of coffee before it finished well. The durable handle made it comfortable to serve coffee efficiently. The materials are used free of BPA. 

The compact footprint takes small space to put in the same counter, and the compact design helps the device merely store in your kitchen. The coffee grounds are underwater and brew coffee with proper extraction. So, you will be satisfied with it and its brewing mechanism.


  • 30 minutes automatic shut off button with on/off indicator lights.
  • Built to North American Electrical Standards.
  • Durable and heat-resistant stainless steel carafe.
  • An instruction booklet is included.
  • The brewing - pause features.
  • Easy to clean and free of BPA.


  • Creates chips and cracks on the carafe.
  • It may slow after using several times.
  • Exact quantity determined issue.

#2 Mr. Coffee DRX5 4 Cup Programmable Coffee Maker

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Mr. Coffee DRX5 is a Programmable best 4 cup coffee makers of its level. It brews coffee automatically if the users set the time. This feature is a first and foremost choice for the coffee enthusiast. You have to set the delay function up to 24 hours in advance, and it will wake up automatically to brew the coffee and able to give you a cup of fresh, delicious hot coffee.

The Brewing pause 'n serve programmable clock helps you to know the features, brewing times and allows serving coffee while it’s still brewing. The device has made of plastic and mate finishing with a quality design. 

It has on or off indicator lights that help to know the brewer is running or stop. It allows you to take anywhere you want and maintaining your everyday coffee brewing routine.

The removable filter basket performs to brew coffee quick and easy and cleaning safely. The dual water window displays allow you to see how much of water are there in the reservoir for strict filling and help in resolving the subsequent time to restock.


  • Delay feature up to 24 hours in advance.
  • Well features with digital display and programmable clock.
  • Dual water window to show the exact quantity of water.
  • Functional capacity between 1- 4 cups of coffee.
  • Cord storage to hoard the extra leash.
  • ON or OFF indicator lights.


  • It takes much time to brew coffee like a giant coffee maker.
  • No extra paper filters and permanent filters.
  • The carafe lid is irrational and not durable enough.

#3 Mr. Coffee TF5 RB 4 Cup Switch Coffee Maker

best 4 Cup Coffee Makers

Mr. Coffee 4 cup Switch Coffeemaker is another Mr. Coffee model which comes with the most exclusive features. It’s a small and easy sustainable Switch Coffee maker. This coffee maker comes with such a great designed that allows brewing coffee with quality and style.

The carafe is made of plastic. It has got brew pause and auto on or off indicating lights to show the machine is stopped or running. The removable filter basket aid to elevate for quick and easy filling and safely cleaning. 

The heat-Resistant warming Plate keeps the coffee warm for an extended period. It’s comfortable to use and be cleaned easily. It protects the plate from chips, cracks, and staining.

It has two colors, “black and white” available on the market. Its dual water window allows showing the exact amount of water in the reservoir for accurate filling. It’s users- friendly and helps you making grounds coffee and experience the real taste.


  • Compact design with brew pause and auto on or off indicator lights.
  • Great features with removable filter basket and dual water window.
  • Sustainable Warming Plate to prevent staining and catching.
  • Affordable and faster for filling its reservoir.
  • It takes less times to set up and brewing coffee.


  • Brewing coffee doesn’t keep warm for hours.
  • The glass carafe is not heat-resistant and durable.

#4 Capresso 303.01 4 Cup Espresso and Cappuccino Machine

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

It is a great 4 cup coffee maker which allows its users to make not only espresso but also Cappuccino and lattes. It comes with quality features that make the beverages impressive and tasty. It is more intense than regular brewed coffee. It allows the users to add hot water and sugar when the espresso is too strong.

The Steam Selector helps the users to control brewing and streaming for their preferred taste adding coffee strength. The swivel frother allows users to drift intended quantity of milk with stable stream output to prepare espresso in second. 

The powerful boiler reduces it heat times less than 2 minutes. It can prepare 2 to 4 cappuccinos or lattes less than 5 minutes. It ensures safety in the brewing process with protective thumb guard, boiler cap with integrated valve and filter holder.

It also designed with removable drip tray, illuminated on/off switch and dishwasher safe glass carafe too. It is one of the best 4 cup coffee maker that makes multiple drinks like espresso, cappuccino, and latte for those families and friends who deserve coffee at home.


  • It ensures safety grantee with protective thumb guard and boiler cap.
  • Removable drip tray and Illuminated off/on indicators.
  • It comes with an integrated valve and filter holder.
  • Powerful steam/boiler to reduce warm-up times.
  • Dishwasher-safe glass carafe.
  • 1-year limited warranty.


  • No frothing pitcher.
  • May run out of when steam for frothing.

#5 BLACK+DECKER Brew 'n Go Personal Coffeemaker with Travel Mug

Best 4 Cup Coffee Makers

The BLACK+DECKER 4 cups coffee maker comes with such a great design that suits for small kitchens, apartments, and dorm rooms. It’s also an affordable and convenient coffee machine to use just like all other brands of Black and Decker. It is an ideal coffee press for an active, on-the-go lifestyle and will stay for several years if it uses carefully. 

The thermal mug made of stainless steel that fits most car cup and holders. It comes with exclusive features of automatic shut-off that allows making coffee automatically and turns off it immediately after brewing finished. It also brews directly into a 15-oz and only 4 cups, but it can brew directly into the included traveling mug.

There is a rubber handle for a safe grip and a lid to keep coffee hot in several times. The coffee machine can also be used to heat water for tea, hot chocolate and instant foods like oatmeal and soup. The mug, filter, filter basket and mug lid are made of gleaming black plastic. Cleaning the rinse in the sink and dishwasher-safe is easy.

It brews coffee very quickly with an authentic smell and cleans up like a dream! If you put tea leaves into the filter, you will get an excellent fresh and hot cup of tea without any tea bags.


  • Reliable for small kitchens, apartments and dorm rooms.
  • Takes less time to brew coffee for about 2 minutes.
  • Automatic shutoff features with permanent grounds Filters.
  • Reduce the waste of more paper filters.
  • It's Made of gleaming black plastic.
  • The dishwasher is safe and secure to clean.


  • Paper filters have to change for daily use.
  • Coffee grounds can find inside the brewer.
  • The water reservoir is not so large.

#6 Mr. Coffee ECM160 4 Cup Steam Espresso System with Milk Frother

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

This coffee press might be a perfect choice for brewing coffee or beverages at home. This steam espresso maker can give you a quality shot of espresso with a layer of crème that you can’t take from others espresso makers. The other coffee machine brews coffee for only single or double cup, but it has developed for brewing espresso shot with layer crème at a time.

This espresso maker helps its users to create bold cappuccinos and lattes with milk for making creamy froth. Its quality and excellent features have made it different from other espresso makers. 

The intense heat stream forces watercourse to brew rich espresso and dark with awesome Adour. The Frothing arm can also be used for brewing other beverages. Easy pour glass carafe is used for serving espresso shots with the help of the tilt of the wrist.

The washable drip tray helps to collect coffee drips, keep brew space neat and clean with removable drip catcher. You can use it for great and easy brew experience with quality flavors. It can make a delightful latte and perfect foam too.


  • It makes frothing arm for cappuccinos and lattes.
  • It makes a rich espresso with steam heat forces.
  • It keeps the brew space neat and clean.
  • Serving facility with easy pour glass carafe espresso shots.


  • The glass carafe is not so durable.
  • No extra replacement carafes.

#7 Mr. Coffee TF5GTF 4 Cup Switch Coffee Maker

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

If you are a regular coffee brewer, you must realize how much great a cup of coffee for you. It has such a power that can remove our tiredness and give us freshness. To drink a cup of ground coffee, you often have to go to a coffee shop. But if you have a coffee maker, you can make your coffee anywhere you like. It saves both your time and money. 

This 4 Cup Switch Coffee Maker is such a coffee making device that can efficiently fulfill your expectations. It design and brewing process is so well that makes it a great coffee machine in its class. It may increase your kitchen beauty and easily adjustable.

It has almost all the features with two available colors black and white. The carafe is made of plastic and the removable filter basket that is flat on the bottom. It helps to lifts out for quick and simple and easy cleaning. The off/on indicator lights assist in understanding when the coffee brewer is running or stop.

It has Dual water window that can show the amount of water, and the brewing pause 'n serve help to know the coffee maker is still brewing coffee. It might be your best choice for making your favorite coffee you deserve most.


  • Great features with durable plastic carafe.
  • Affordable with brewing pauses.
  • Dual water window reservoir for accurate filling.
  • Secure to clean and dishwasher safe.
  • Quality brewing process with a gold-tone filter.
  • Both coffee and tea brewer.


  • No extra replacement carafes.
  • It doesn’t keep the coffee or milk warm for hours.

#8 Venus Induction Capable 4 cup Espresso Maker

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker reviews

The Venus 4 cup Espresso Maker is a good coffee maker among all coffee makers. The coffee lovers efficiently can use it for brewing coffee at home. It comes with all quality features that a perfect coffee machine contains. It’s such a coffee press which may become easily adjustable with your kitchen color and space. 

This coffee maker is comfortable to carry out. The price is not out of range compared with the facilities it gives. It has excellent features with ergonomic, heat-resistant handle and lid. It has made of Stainless Steel carafe including the inner funnel & filter plate with the grand scheme.

The Stainless steel construction is durable and heat resistant. It Makes 4 Cup Espresso just 8.0 fl. Oz. The heat-resistant handle is made of nylon. This coffee press Produces 4 cups of rich, authentic Italian espresso in just 4-5 minutes for the coffee enthusiast. It is congruent with all stovetops like induction cooktops.

The capacity of the max boiler is higher than the final output. So it might be the best 4 cup coffee maker for brewing smoother coffee taste, elegance in a tastefully designed stovetop espresso maker.


  • Durable and heat-resistant stainless steel construction.
  • Suitable for brewing teas, cacao powder, and instant coffee, etc.
  • Brews coffee within just 4-5 minutes.
  • Compact design with quality and reliability features.
  • Easily adjustable right on the stove top.


  • Some water will be left in the boiler after brewing finished.
  • The coffee pots are not dishwasher safe.

#9 Elite Cuisine EHC-2022 Maxi Matic 4 Cup Coffee Maker

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Elite Cuisine 4 Cup Coffee Maker will be an excellent choice for using at home, office, and school. It helps to start your day with a hot and fresh cup of coffee. This Maxi-Matic coffee pot helps to save space of your kitchen and provides fresh hot coffee just in a few minutes each morning which the coffee enthusiast deserves.

It comes with excellent features including compact design, coffee carafe, Pause 'N Serve function, Removable Filter Basket, Water Tank, Automatic Carafe Warmer, washable filter and power indicator lights. This coffee machine constructed with 4 cup glass coffee carafe, swing out a screen and washable built-in filter for filtering the grounds coffee. 

The removable and reusable coffee filter use for creates less trash and better environment as it is easy to clean the dishwasherIt's easy to fill the water tank and pour fresh water into it. The electric carafe warmer keeps fresh coffee hot for an hour when brewing is finished.

The On/Off switch and power indicator lights allow knowing when the machine is off or on. So, these quality features make the coffee machine a worthwhile purchase for your kitchen and ensure to serve fresh brew hot coffee with cream and sugar every morning.


  • The dishwasher carafe is safe and secure to clean.
  • Semi-transparent water reservoir indicates the water level.
  • Extra benefits with removable and reusable coffee filters.
  • Pause N’ Serve function to sneak coffee while still brewing.
  • Affordable and durable to operate smoothly.


  • The glass coffee carafe is stung faintly.
  • It doesn’t keep the coffee warm for hours.

#10 Andis 4 Cup Coffee Maker with Auto Shut-Off and Glass Crafte

Best 4 Cup Coffee Maker

The Andis is one of the top rated and most preferred Coffee Maker that allows preparing 4 cups of coffee. It brews a fabulous and fresh hot cup of coffee like other 4 cup makers. 

It is a perfect coffee making device with excellent features which has designed compactly. It allows preparing coffee both home and outside. It has made of Stainless Steel glass carafe with auto one hour shut - off feature.

It’s designed for the commercial purpose that allows using in an individual hotel or motel rooms too. The brewing instructions that printed on top are given to brew a perfect cup of coffee.

After completed brewing, it must be paused as the automatic one hour shut off indicator lights are maintained. You can use this Stainless steel coffee machine which is great for traveling too. Just within 2 minutes, it makes fresh and flavorful coffee with perfect amount.


  • Affordable and compactly designed for using commercial space.
  • Automatically stop brewing after 1 hour when it’s finished.
  • The glass carafe is made of Stainless steel.
  • Makes coffee just within 2 minutes.
  • Update feature with Pause and serve indicator.
  • The dishwasher is safe and secure to clean.


  • Doesn’t keep coffee warm for an extended period.
  • Quality grab consignment.

How to Use a Coffee Maker Perfectly?

Drinking coffee is an intrinsic part of life for millions of people. Your morning gets even better with the drifting fragrance of coffee. Making coffee becomes more comfortable if you have a coffee maker and you know the right way to use it. 

If you take a look in the market, you will find several variations of coffee maker like- Percolator, Moka Pot, French Press Maker, Vacuum coffee maker, Drip coffee maker, Espresso Coffee Maker, Thermal Coffee Maker and many more. These coffee makers have some similarities and dissimilarities in their use.

Making a cup of coffee occupies some easy steps. You should read the instructions that the coffee maker contains. To make a cup of perfect coffee, it needs to have the best coffee maker. The general course of actions to brew a rich cup of coffee through a coffee maker is right here-

Wash the components
How to use coffee maker

Cleaning the coffee maker would help you to get a flavorsome coffee. Vinegar and cold water can be used as a sterilizer of cleaning it. The carafe, coffee basket, filter basket, coffee mug every washable component should be cleaned at first. Once you wash all the tools and ingredients, you are up for the next step.

Put the coffee filter in the basket

This step helps you to filter the coffee more easily. If the coffee beans aren’t filtered properly, it can block the water flow which can overflow the ground outside the pot. Non-generic and specialized filters would be a right option rather than using a paper filter.

Add coffee grounds
How to use coffee maker

Add the right amount of coffee grounds according to your taste and flavor. Usually, 2 tablespoons of ground coffee is recommended for per cup of water. If you like a light cup of coffee, then you can add fewer coffee grounds. 

Some coffee blends provide the ratio between coffee and water. If you don’t like the taste after the whole brewing process, then you may slightly change the coffee-water ratio.

 Add water according to the number of coffee grounds
How to use your coffee Maker

Pour a right portion of water in the designated area of the coffee maker. Remember that, adding clean, filtered water will help you to get your desired taste of the coffee. Later, set the pot back in the warming place of the maker. The standard temperature of the water should be 195-205 degree Fahrenheit.

Start brewing coffee

After pouring water and coffee grounds into the maker, you can turn on the machine for brewing. It takes a few minutes to prepare the coffee entirely. Make sure you don’t leave the brewing process for so long that it gets bitter. Even if it gets bitter, it is recommended to add a pinch of salt or hot water to remove the bitterness.

Pour it into a mug and enjoy
Make your coffee

Milk, Sugar, and cream can be added to add a storm in your cup of coffee. You can also decorate your coffee with various designs using milk and cream. But adding these can ascend your calorie level. Now pour the coffee into a coffee mug, enjoy, relax and release your fatigue.

#Top Rated 4 Cup Coffee Makers
PreviewProductsWeight PriceCheck Out
Best 4 Cup Coffee MakerCuisinart DCC-450BK 4-Cup Coffee Maker3.25 pounds$31.99-$70.104 cup coffee makers
Best 4 Cup Coffee MakerMr. Coffee 4-Cup Steam Espresso System6.97 pounds$45.07-$169.984 cup coffee makers
Best 4 Cup Coffee MakerAndis 4-Cup Coffee Maker3.2 pounds
$50.23-$174.004 cup coffee makers
best 4 cup coffee makerKRUPS ET351 SAVOY Programmable Coffee Maker10.4 pounds
$72.964 cup coffee makers
best 4 Cup Coffee MakersMr. Coffee 4-Cup Switch Coffee Maker3.7 pounds
$19.99-$49.994 cup coffee makers

Wrapping it up

The coffee makers that are we presented above are the great coffee makers on the market. These coffee makers are not so expensive that you can't purchase. These are excellent coffee press at a fantastic low budgeted price, and you will be safe for a long time to use at your kitchen and outside.

You will get benefits from these if you do use carefully and as most of the coffee makers have a warranty for years. It depends on your thought that how much a coffee maker will be perfect for your kitchen or home. Most of the cases it depends on your needs, choice and how much will pay for it.

These best 4 cup coffee maker are affordable and efficient which can complete your brewing process safely. You should make a right choice to get the best one, considering the programmable features, auto shut off and on/off indicator lights.

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