Best Coffee Grinder for Chemex Buyer’s Guide

Best Coffee Grinder for Chemex

Brew your coffee in a chemist’s style with Chemex coffee grinders. There are different brewing methods and grinders among which Chemex machines are kind of pouring over type makers.When you want rich and smooth coffee brewing at a lower price, you can rely on to have one Chemex coffee grinder.

Here we got the best coffee grinder for Chemex review which will help you to pick the perfect one. Needless to say, few ones come with superior quality among lot others and Chemex is no different.

Our experts picked the top 5 Chemex coffee grinders allowing you to skip the troublesome quest for the best one. Just scroll down to go through the review and you will find the best chemex coffee grinder for your kitchen sure.

Comparison Table for Chemex Coffee Grinders

Product Name

item weight




Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

3 Pounds


8.8 Ounces

Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

6.83 Pounds


10 Ounces

Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder

4.65 Pounds


16 Ounces

Breville BCG820BSSXL The Smart Pro Grinder

6.4 Pounds


18 Ounces

Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

4.5 Pounds


8 Ounces

Best Coffee Grinder for Chemex Review 2020

1. Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr Grinder

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr review

With an elegant and user-friendly design, you can go for a timeless grinding operation. This commercial-grade coffee machine delivers maximum efficiency even for a larger quantity. Through solid steel burrs, this best grind for Chemex covers a wider range to grind grounded beans. Heavy-duty steel frame with ABS die-cast zinc housing ensures optimum serviceability.

The tight-fitting and transparent containers can hold up to 4 & 8.8 ounces of beans respectively. Being removable, the upper portion of conical burr allows easy clean-up facilityYou can prepare ultrafine Turkish grind to reasonably coarser ones to get a tasteful coffee.

In fact, there come settings with 4 different markings naming – coarse, regular, fine & ultrafine. Using the 16 built-in settings, it retains the aroma and flavor for the actual beans. The grinding timer ranges from 5 – 60 seconds to encourage precise operation.

Featuring multiple gear motor, this best espresso grinder for Chemex imparts less noise and negligible static build-ups. Obviously, it results in lower frictional loss to give the fresh taste of ground beans.


  • Sturdy construction along with solid steel and ABS.
  • Wider grinding range having 4 categorized settings.
  • Sufficient bean holding capacity for both containers.
  • Reasonable speed preserves flavor of ground bean.
  • Easy maintenance with included scoop and brush.


  • Considerable retention of grind in chute & burr.
  • Weak plastic material may disintegrate the knob.

2. Baratza Encore Conical Burr Coffee Grinder

Best coffee grinder for espresso

When you have to deal with lots of beans for a crowd, you can rely on this unit. Baratza introduced another convenient model having superior serviceability for professional applications. This Baratza encore Chemex coffee machine will deliver the maximized grinding performance in no time.

Through quality engineering and stylish build-up for the frame, it ensures supreme durability. The smaller footprint resulting in compact design has a lower space requirement. Moreover, the hopper comes with a reasonable capacity of 10 ounces of whole ground beans. There come 40 different settings allowing you to attain wider fineness sitting at home.

Featuring high-quality burr set, you can simply explore all the convenient brewing methods. In fact, you can go for espresso, drip as well as manual brewing without the slightest distortionProviding pulse buttons mounted at the front, it ensures the maximum ease in operation.

The simple on/off switching helps to grind on instant demand for this top class Chemex bean grinder. The quality construction, therefore, delivers a perfect satisfaction against your investment for sure.


  • Solid steel framework provides maximum durability.
  • Convenient grind settings cover wider fineness range.
  • Perfect burr set explores different brewing methods.
  • Intuitive control through the front-mounted buttons.
  • Compact design easily fits into the kitchen cabinets.


  • Customization for certain grinding amount is absent.
  • Both beans and chaffs in the shoot may get stuck. 

3. Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder, Electronic Coffee Grinder

best burr grinder for chemex

Crushing the ground beans between advanced burrs, it retains the characteristic taste for the coffee. Having a superior design, you will get a consistent grinding from this best chemex bean grinder. The unique and attractive design contains one friction clutch to prevent any slipping. 

The conical burrs made of steel require no sharpening and provides best grinding efficiencyWith the included silicone band, there comes a firm and convenient grip without slipping. Being made of borosilicate glass, no occurrence of grind clinging or any sort of static build-up takes place.

The tight-fitting lid of plastic reduces spilling of grinds whereas programmable timer allows easier customization. Through 14 grind settings, you can go for coarser to finest grinds easily. Of course, it allows you to make tasteful espresso to French press with comfortable adjustments.

Having a compact and outstanding design, there is optimum minimization for jumping and static ground coffee. Continuous adjustment for the upper container determines the fineness for this best bean grinder for Chemex delivering excellent grind quality all along.


  • Unique construction quality with a compact design.
  • High-quality steel burrs ensure consistent grinding.
  • Continuous adjustment through 14 built-in settings.
  • Minimum occurrence of the static or jumping grinds.
  • Friction clutch protects the gear from small stones.


  • Driving gears of poor plastic may not last that long.
  • Minimal user instructions are not helpful enough.

4. Breville The Smart Grinder Pro Coffee Bean Grinder

best chemex coffee grinder

Maximizing the brewing potential for the beans, you will get the perfection for sure. Superior design leads to satisfactory performance for this Chemex electric coffee machine. Several inclusions are there to get the best grinds from this Breville product. High-quality steel for frame and burrs offer convenient durability.

The conical burrs are provided in a proper way to reduce heat generation from friction. Therefore, the reduction in heat retains the natural flavor and aroma of the ground beans. There come 60 intuitive grind settings to choose, allowing you to prepare your favorite French press to espresso.

With intelligent customization, you can attain perfect fineness easily from this best burr grinder for chemex. The built-in LCD screen concisely delivers grind setting, time, cup or shot number.

Having a digital timer, it gives you the best grind for Chemex with optimum accuracy. You can adjust the timer at 0.2 seconds increment to have the perfect grind. Combining all things in one, this grinder certainly is a complete package to meet your grind requirement.


  • Incredible serviceability through sturdy metal construction.
  • Easy customization for grinding with greater settings number.
  • Retention of natural bean flavor with lower heat generation.
  • Convenient LCD display ensures better operational facility.
  • Timer with smaller increment provides sufficient accuracy.


  • Intense usage causes the plastic impeller to wear down.
  • Collection of grinds in container may not hold accurate.

5. Cuisinart DBM-8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill

Best chemex coffee grinder

Producing the most tasteful fresh grind from ground beans, it comes with supreme milling efficiency. This best Chemex coffee grinder offers consistent grinding to the perfect grading. With automatic shut off, you won’t have to worry about the completion of the grinding cycle.

The proper design puts the steel burr in the position to deliver uniform and even grinds. The design comes with metal construction having a stylish appearance and safe storage. It includes a removable chamber to hold a sufficient amount of grinds to prepare 32 shots. 

You will find 18 positions to select the grinding alongside the sliding dials of 4 – 18 cups. The removable hopper can hold a reasonable 8 ounces of beans to provide enough grind. All you need is to put the beans and the machine will take care of the rest. 

To enable convenient and effortless maintenance, it includes brush and measuring scoop. You will get a powerful motor action from this automatic Chemex coffee maker. And the single-touch powering bar gives you complete control over grind quality.


  • Ergonomic design comes with sturdy construction.
  • Stylish, compact design offers convenient storage.
  • Uniform grinding for beans through the steel burrs.
  • Simple maintenance with included brush & scoop.
  • Automatic shutting over grinding cycle completion.


  • Pulverization occurs while producing coarser grinds.
  • Flat burrs can’t provide very consistent grinding.

Buying Guide for Chemex Coffee Grinders

To ensure the maximum retention of flavor, you have to use the best burr grinders for Chemex. Customers do face difficulty in finding the best Chemex coffee grinders as there is the availability of numerous models.

But you have to know some particular criteria concerning with the quality while buying one. Knowing them will definitely help you to pick the right gear for a perfect grinding experience for your chemex coffee.


At the very start-up, you have to check the design and appearance. Compact design and metal construction enhance the durability to a great extent. Also, you should pick something that has a good outlook to suit its function. 


There are various adjustments available with a grinder. In fact, grind settings are one important thing to do proper customization. The greater number of settings, therefore, allows superior control over the grinding operation all the way.


Frequent and sufficient maintenance is a must to keep the machine functional for a long time. Some of the best-quality grinders offer additional parts like a brush or scoop to ease the maintenance which also requires your attention.


The output is all that matters in the end. This is why you should check the fineness that the grinder can provide. It is better to choose something that covers from ultrafine to coarse grind allowing you to make espresso to French press.


The built-in timer setting has a significant role to play regarding the accuracy of the grinding process. Almost all best grinders have digital timers and you should pick one having smaller increments to ensure maximized precision.


Container especially the hopper should have sufficient capacity to hold a larger amount of beans at once. Although it differs according to design and model, you have to determine the required capacity to make sufficient shots.

How to Maintain Chemex Coffee Grinders?

Maintaining or cleanup is an essential task to retain the quality of grinds and functionality of the machines. Followings are simple yet very effective tips to clean the grinder.

Step 1: You should grind out coffee after sealing off the container chute. Then turn off the motor power and remove the bean holding container.

Step 2:  For a manual doser, plunge the blade using the ribbed plunger to clean the interior.

Step 3: For an automated doser, you should get a commercial vacuum to apply on the activated grinder.

Step 4: Now, wash the container to remove stains and reassemble the system after drying.

Frequently Ask Questions(FAQs)

1:  How to set the timer?

It primarily depends on the number of beans in the container. You have to go for a trial and error at first.

2: Does the grinding continue after the container becomes empty?

Though grinding will continue, it will get slower with time.

3: How often a grinder requires cleaning?

For best performance, it needs to wash after every use or at least once in a day for regular usage.

4: For how long the beans remains good in the dispenser?

It depends on your requirement of fresh grinds. You can leave the beans for a week.

Final Verdict

Chemex coffee system is around for a while although the idea is quite older. Being available in affordable price, this machine has become a good option for medium and light grinding option for domestic purpose. 

Each grinder from our aforementioned Chemex review is capable of delivering superior grinding quality, satisfactory serviceability at a reasonable price. 

Try using the best coffee grinder for Chemex & it will definitely give you a pleasant coffee having bean flavors and aroma.

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