10 Best Coffee Maker Cleaner of 2019 – Review And Buyer’s Guide

Coffee makers are certainly our best friend when we’re stressed up or just awaken from the bed. But as a user, you’ve to take care of other sides of the coin as well. 

Yeah, we mean descaling, cleaning and keeping the machine odor free. And on that note, you must have the best coffee maker cleaner, either in liquid or in tablet form. But here is what bothers you from choosing the right one- 

First of all, it’s the correct type of cleaner to choose from tablet, liquid and powder cleaners. And next on, it’s the effectiveness and side-effects that you need to keep an eye on. And with so many given options in the market, it’s hard to make the right choice. 

Worry not, we’ve hand-picked 10 of the best coffee maker cleaners of the market and broken down the details for you. Take a few minutes to go through the whole piece, and let’s meet at the end-

Best Coffee Maker Cleaner

Top 10 Coffee Maker Cleaner - Comparison Table

10 Best Coffee Maker Cleaner in 2019 - Top Picks And Reviews

1. Durgol Swiss Decalcifier for All: Best for Limescale Build-Ups

Best Coffee Maker Cleaner

What We Liked Most?

For those who are worried about the health of your coffee maker, limescale buildup is one of the biggest headaches. The best part of our #1 ranked Durgol Swiss Decalcifier is, it descales, clean and prevent limescale buildup in any sort of coffee machine. Also, it’s quite fast and instantaneous in action. 

Product Overview

Welcome to the crown winner, best coffee machine cleaner of this list. It’s called Durgol Swiss Decalcifier for All and we will tell you how the name makes sense to us. 

This all-around cleaning assistant works for not only coffee makers of all brands but also for other utensils of your kitchen. With the highly effective citric acid based formula, it terminates 99% of the bacterial and leaves no odor or residue. 

The bottle and the solution- both are safe for hand using. So you won’t need a professional every time you plan to descale your coffee machine. On top of that, regular uses of this will enhance the lifespan of it indeed. The use is quite instant. You don’t have to mix it with water or so. It’s fast, effective and yet safe to use.


  • Kills limescale buildup, bacteria, and other buildups. 
  • No need to use water, it’s an instant solution. 
  • Descales coffee maker, and many other kitchen utensils. 
  • Environment-safe and safe for hand usage. 
  • Leaves no residue, odor or sticky texture. 
  • Quite pocket-friendly in terms of price.


  • Considering the massive area of application, the 2oz bottle is insufficient.

2. Essential Values Universal Descaling Solution: Best for Compatibility​​​​​​​​​​

Best Coffee Maker Cleaners

What We Liked Most?

Apart from the chemical structure and effectiveness, one of it’s selling point is its limitless compatibility. What we mean is, no matter it’s espresso or regular machine, single cup or drip coffee maker, this Essential Values Universal Descaling Solution is a good fit for all.

Product Overview

They call it the ‘Universal Descaling Solution’, and that’s for some really valid causes. We will explain why- The 8oz descaling solution is based on citric acid, and that has a quality to fight against mineral, fat, calcium buildup.

As a matter of fact, these build-ups are all us coffee maker users have to bother about. Moving on, it doesn’t have compatibility with the product of any definite brand. No matter it’s Delonghi, Ninja, Jura, Tassimo- it suits with them all.

All you have to do is to put the right amount of it into the descaler. There are a couple of packs available, each possessing an amount of 8oz. based on the scale of use, you can use one bottle for more than three descaling processes. Sounds cost-effective, right?


  • Citric acid based, effective formula. 
  • Bottles made of 100% PET. 
  • Suits with all brands of Descaler Systems. 
  • Comes in 2 bottles of 8-oz each.
  • Odorless and safe for the environment.


  • Quite acidic and needs to be handled with care. 

3. Jura 64308 Cleaning Tablets: Best for Fat & Calcium Buildup

Coffee Maker Cleaner

What We Liked Most?

Jura is one of the pioneers when it’s about coffee maker brands. And to eradicate obstacles from these models, Jura 64308 Cleaning Tablets is there. The best side of this cleaner tabler is, it directly fights against the coffee fat buildup and calcium buildup as well. If you use milk with your coffee, this is quite an essential feature for you.

Product Overview

When it comes to automatic coffee maker machines, Jura is a maestro. They’ve brought up several popular models in the market, the Jura E8, Jura Z6, Jura A1, Jura S8- etc being some of them. Now, if you own any of the Jura models listed above or any other models that we didn’t mention, this Jura 64308 Cleaning Tablets solely for you. 

This 2 phase cleaning tabler will blend with the electrically controlled cleaning program to form a complete cleaning formula for your Jura coffee maker machine. As we have told you before, this coffee maker cleaner is best to fight against the coffee fat build up and other sorts of buildups like a coffee spout, iron, etc.

And it doesn’t work on the coffee container only. As it’s a complete descaling solution, it works on the pipes as well. As a benefit, you’ll get a completely natural coffee shot on the cup, which is free of any of those harmful materials. 

A good thing of descaling any Jura coffee maker machine with this dual phase tablet is, it doesn’t take any manual effort. All you need is to prepare the coffee maker for descaling and press the button. Yeah, it is as simple as that!


  • 2 phase cleaning tablet for all Jura machines. 
  • Fights pretty well against fat buildup. 
  • Easy to use with one press. 
  • Maintains a high coffee quality. 
  • Comes in a pack of 2-100 models.


  • Not applicable for any other machines apart from Jura.

4. Urnex Cleancaf Coffee and Esspresso Machine Cleaning Powder: Best Powder Cleaner

Coffee Maker Cleaner Review

What We Liked Most?

The best thing about this coffee cleaning agent is, it comes in a powdery state. In case you are not okay with using cleaner tablets anymore, this dual action Urnex Cleancaf Coffee and Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder can be the right choice for you.

Product Overview

You might own espresso or home coffee machine, but both of them will have one common problem. Yeah, it’s the oil and mineral deposits into the bottom of the container. And to fight those, merely a couple of tablets are not enough. Urnex Cleancaf Coffee and Espresso Machine Cleaning Powder comes to be a true blessing here.

It contains a dual action formula, which directly attacks the coffee oil build-ups and the mineral buildups. As a matter of fact, both of these substances are equally harmful. Overall, this cleaner from Urnex is quite perfect for full form descaling your coffee machine.


  • Works on both espresso and regular machines. 
  • 1/3oz in the per pack, 3 packs in total. 
  • Dual action formula. 
  • Fights against oil and mineral deposits. 
  • Labeled and certified for organic production. 


  • Users might face hardship in measuring the amount.

5. Urnex Grindz Professional Cleaning Tablets: Best Natural Coffee Maker Cleaner

Best Coffee Machine Cleaner

What We Liked Most?

When it’s about coffee maker cleaning tablets, it’s hard to find an all-natural and food-grade choice. But Urnex Grindz Professional Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets seems to make the impossible possible. It’s gluten-free, safe for hand use and non-toxic in every viewpoint. And that’s the best quality of this cleaner.

Product Overview

The sort of buildups that this Urnex Grindz Professional Coffee Grinder Cleaning Tablets fight is not defined particularly. But we have seen it be effective against all kinds of coffee buildups. To remove the residues, the oil, the fat, and the lime buildups, this is quite irreplaceable.

Once again, it left us with utter surprise that how Urnex managed to make it in an all-natural way. Only homemade cleaners with ancient precision can compete it from that point.

A fine virtue of this tablet is, it doesn’t affect you when you are switching between regular flavored and decaffeinated coffee. It’s good for all sort of machines and flavors. The price might seem quite high, but remember, it’s a 430-gram unit and it’s completely worth it.


  • An all-natural, food graded coffee cleaner tablet set. 
  • No need to disassemble the machine or casing.
  • Takes all kinds of residue or buildups away.
  • Maintains hygiene and safety.
  • Prevents flavor transfer amount coffee variations.


  • Not a good fit for super-automatic machines.

6. Impresa Products Universal Descaling Solution: Best Universal Coffee Maker Cleaner

Best Coffee Pot Cleaner

What We Liked Most?

Our next pick on the podium is the Impresa Products Universal Descaling Solution. And it’s best for all sorts of single cup coffee maker machines from all convenient brands. In case you’re seeking for one, you can definitely give it a try.

Product Overview

No matter it’s an automatic machine, semi-automatic one, or super automatic coffee maker, this Impresa Products Universal Descaling Solution will be a perfect fit. With its highly protective attire, it will leave no harms to the delicate parts of the machine.

Apart from coffee makers, you can make occasional use of it on other kitchen utensils as well. The list includes countertop, icemakers, under-counter and so on.

It doesn’t only kill the germs and takes off the residue. But it has an ability to improve the taste of your coffee shots as well. Overall, the set of two bottles is a must-try item for all coffee enthusiasts.


  • A universal descaling solution. 
  • Preferable for single cup coffee makers.
  • Quite gentle on the delicate parts of the machine.
  • Enhances the lifespan of the machine.
  • Improves the taste of the coffee.


  • For double shot machines, it’s not the best thing to use.

7. Twinkle Coffeemaker Cleaner & Descaler: Best for Drip Coffee Maker

Best Espresso Maker Cleaner

What We Liked Most?

If you own a drip coffee maker or automatic or semi-automatic type, this Twinkle Coffeemaker Cleaner & Descaler is a good pick to go. Because its chemical structure is made to be effective in those kinds of machines only.

Product Overview

The Twinkle Coffeemaker Cleaner & Descaler is a cleaner and descaler combo pack, which is a must to have a part for Mr. Coffee and other drip coffee makers. There are 2-1oz cleaning packs in each box, and you can use for several uses.

What sort of odds does this cleaner fight with? 

Well, it’s mostly the unseen layer of calcium buildup, lime buildup and any other kind of residues that hard water induces. So, there are valid reasons why they call it best for drip coffee machines. Overall, it also improves the taste and efficiency of the machine as well.


  • Fights against all sorts of hard water build-ups. 
  • Best suited with Mr coffee and other drip coffee makers.
  • takes off oil and stains for better taste.
  • Leaves no odor.


  • For visible buildups, this is not the best thing that works.

8. Halefresh Descaling Solution Coffee Maker Cleaner: Best for Bottle Design

Best Coffee Maker Cleaner

What We Liked Most?

The Descaling Solution Coffee Maker Cleaner that Halefresh brings on, is the best bottle design coffee machine cleaner and convenience in use. Apart from the cleaning quality is has, we certainly loved the way it’s made to be easily applicable. Each of the bottles can be used for 8 times, and that’s quite impressive as well.

Product Overview

The solution inside the Halefresh Descaling Solution Coffee Maker Cleaner is quite strong, and it takes only a minimal amount to use. Therefore, it is usable on all brands of coffee makers, no matter it’s a single cup or double cup.

The major kinds of odds that it fights with is the calcium and mineral deposit. And these will leave an increased lifespan of the coffee maker of yours.

After uses, it leaves no odor or residue at all. But yes, you don’t need to rush while cleaning with this solution. It’s not one of those plugs and plays time descaler solution.


  • Convenient bottle with 8 uses from each. 
  • Works on all sorts of coffee machines.
  • Removes calcium and mineral deposits mainly.
  • Doesn’t affect the taste or brewing time.
  • Leaves no odor or residue afterward.


  • Takes quite some time to descale with this solution.

9. De'Longhi EcoDeCalk Natural Descaler: Best Budget Coffee Maker Cleaner

Best Espresso Machine Descaler

What We Liked Most?

We would call it the best budget coffee descaling solution for multiple reasons. First of all, it contains a massive 16.9oz of cleaning solution inside a single bottle But the price that it comes for, it quite cheap comparing to that. And the brand value of De’Longhi gives us the assurance of quality.

Product Overview

The De'Longhi EcoDeCalk Natural Descaler is a perfect descaling solution for any of the many coffee makers from the brand. Regular uses of this cleaner prevent premature breakdown of the machines due to dirt and buildups.

They call it the ecological descaler and that has quite some reasons. It’s made of 100% lactic acid, and that makes it harmless for both you and the environment. Comparing to the coffee machine descaling tablets, it’s quite easier to use as well.

It will make the machine run smoother, and improve the taste as well. And lastly, it’s the price that we are pleased about. It’s certainly one of the biggest bangs for the money.


  • Made of 100% environment-friendly lactic acid.
  • Perfect for De’Longhi and other brands as well.
  • The packaging is made of recycled plastic.
  • Comes with massive 16.9oz in each pack.
  • Budget friendly, quality descaling solution.


  • Have to master on mixing it up with water.

10. Urnex Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaner: Best for #Feature

Best Espresso Pot Cleaners

What We Liked Most?

Once again, it’s an Urnex product. But this time it’s not any tablets anymore. This cleaning powder is quite a good ability to mix up with both coffee machines and fresh presses. In case you need to have a cleaner that’s good for both electric coffee makers and the manual coffee makers, Urnex Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaner is the best choice.

Product Overview

Apart from its effectiveness on both manual and electric coffee makers, it has every quality that an Urnex coffee machine cleaner should have. It maintains proper hygiene, better taste and better runtime of the machine. A rare quality of a coffee maker cleaner is to prevent flavor transfer between coffee variations.

And the Urnex Full Circle Coffee Machine Cleaner is one of them. You can use it while switching between regular, flavored or even decaffeinated coffee kinds. In each of the packs, you’ll have 9 grams, which might seem insufficient. 


  • Removes oil, stain, and odor from the root. 
  • Best for both electric and manual coffee makers.
  • Biodegradable and completely odorless.
  • Prevents odd tastes while switching coffee types.
  • Ensures optimal hygiene.


  • 9 grams of powder in each unit is quite insufficient.

Factor to Consider When Buying Coffee Machine Cleaners

Alright, so these were the top rated coffee maker cleaner reviews of today. Now, it’s time to hone up your buying decision with these important buying guides- 

Decide the Correct Type

Coffee maker cleaners are available in liquid, tablet, and even powder forms. But not all sort of pick is good for all machines. You’ve to go through the manual of your machine attentive and decide to pick one out of these three.

The Right Amount

Of course, different picks will come with different amounts of solution/powder/tablets. But you have to understand your cleaning and descaling frequency. As an example- a barista needs to descale his machine more times than what a homemaker does.

The Usability

Some of the coffee maker cleaners are just plug and play, and some of them demand a perfect mix-up. If you’re professional at this, then none of them should bother you. But an amateur user must have to go with the easier option.

The Price Quality Ratio

Above all, you don’t want to spend a fortune after something that’s not essential for you, right? So, keep an eye on what value you are getting for what expense.

Frequently Asked Questions(FAQs)

Question: What does coffee maker cleaners clean in a coffee machine?

Majorly, coffee maker cleaners fights against coffee residue, ground buildups, lime scales etc. 

Question: Do these coffee maker cleaners damages the coffee tastes?

Most of these selected coffee maker cleaners don’t affect the smell or flavor of the coffee.

Question: How to use a coffee maker cleaner?

Based on whether it’s tablet, liquid or powder, there are specific instructions that are provided within the user’s manual. 

Question: How many kinds of coffee maker cleaners are there? 

There are three of them- powder, tablet and liquid coffee maker cleaner.

Wrapping It Up

Alright, so that’s the wrap-up. We hope you’ve enjoyed going through the best coffee maker cleaner reviews of the market of 2019. We’ve broken down the essential details into bite-sized chunks. So now, the ball is on your court. 

Good luck!

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