Best Commercial Coffee Grinder Buyer’s Guide

Giving a boost of freshness to hundreds of people is satisfying. In fact, it’s one of the most satisfying things in the world. And a good way to do this through serving them coffee. Close your eyes and imagine someone sipping into the coffee that you’ve just made. Imagine seeing the freshness spreading through his/her face. Yes, that’s truly satisfying. 

Now, what if the coffee was bad? Imagine people sipping into a bad coffee. Well, we understand the fear. So, do you know what makes a good coffee? Guess what, it’s not the beans. The best commercial coffee grinder will give you the best coffees out there. Yeah there are other factors involved too. But this one is super important. 

Here’s the thing- finding the top coffee grinders is super tough. You’ll need to go through the features, pros and cons of hundreds of items. You have to consider tiny details that might save you tons of struggles. And it’s tough to find that much time nowadays. 

So, to help you out, we’ve crafted this piece. We’re sure that here you’ll find the best thing in the least time. So, let’s get going-

Best Commercial Espresso Grinder

Comparison Table: The 10 Best Commercial Espresso Grinders 

Products name



EXpert Rating


Rancilio Rocky Doserless Grinder Coffee Grinder

4.7 x 9.8 x 13.8 inches

0.5 Pound

Expert Review

Baratza Forte AP Ceramic Flat Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder

5.2 x 7.1 x 14 inches

10 Oz.

Expert Review

Bunn 22100.0000 G3 HD 3 lb Black Bulk Coffee Grinder

16 x 27.2 x 7.4 inches

3 Pounds

Expert Review

Mahlkonig K30 Twin On-Demand Espresso Grinder

14.6 x 22 x 11.8 inches

(2x1.76) Pounds

Expert Review

La Pavoni ZIP-B Commercial Coffee Grinder

13.00 x 8.00 x 21.00 inches

2.2 Pounds

Expert Review

Baratza Forte BG Flat Steel Burr Commercial Grinder

5.12 x 7.09 x 14.17 inches

1 Pound

Expert Review

La Pavoni ZIP-R Commercial Coffee Grinder

13 x 8 x 21 inches

2.2 Pounds

Expert Review

Mahlkonig K30 Air Espresso Grinder

9.5 x 12.6 x 21.7 inches

3.3 Pounds

Expert Review

BUNN 35600.0020 Multi-Hopper Coffee Grinder

20.30 x 20.30 x 25.80 inches

12 pounds

Expert Review

Ditting KF1800 Industrial Bulk Roaster Grinding Machine

20 x 20 x 65 inches

66 Pounds

Expert Review

Best Commercial Coffee Grinder - Top Pick & Reviews

1. Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder

Rancilio HSD-ROC-SD Rocky Espresso Coffee Grinder

You might be already familiar with the original Rocky grinder. That’s been a pretty popular grinder among baristas and business owners for a while now. So, now we have the new and improved Rancilio Rocky Doserless Coffee Grinder.  

So, what are the improvements in this new edition? Well, the most obvious one is the doserless feature. This feature allows lower coffee waste in every grind. This helps in two ways. 

Firstly, you won’t have to grind some extra coffee in every turn assuming the wastage. And secondly, you’ll save money in every grind. Apart from the doserless feature, our grinder has a well thought design that makes it stand out from the others in this list of the best commercial espresso coffee grinders


  • Gives the user more options with its 55 different grind settings.
  • Can make fine powder to almost French press level.
  • Comes with a 1725 RPM powerful motor.
  • Can resist stones due to high temperature overload.
  • Can handle commercial load due to the 50 mm flat burr.


  • Has a small hopper capacity
  • Is a bit messy.

2. Baratza Forte AP (All-Purpose) Ceramic Flat Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder

Best Commercial Espresso Grinder

At second position, we have our Baratza AP coffee grinder. With some of its amazing features it holds the second position in our list. For starters, we’ll discuss its settings. It’ll give you 26 micro settings within 10 macro settings. Now, just imagine how many combinations you can pull off with this one. 

Up next we have that ceramic burr. And ceramics are great for being cold. Basically this burr won’t burn up your coffee grounds while grinding. 

And lastly, we’ll mention its weight based smart dosing. Because of this feature, you can grind just the amount of coffee you need. It can weigh on its own and can stop just at the right weight. This can save up some coffee daily.


  • Has a powerful and silent motor.
  • Comes with a 55mm long lasting ceramic burr.
  • Has a backlit screen that’s easy to read.
  • Supports touch control.
  • Comes with a portafilter holder allowing hands free grinding.
  • Can save 3 programmable presets for grinding.


  • Might come with a fragile hopper.
  • Has a low hopper capacity.

3. Bunn 22100.0000 G3 HD 3 lb. Black Bulk Coffee Grinder

Best espresso grinder for commercial use

Coffee grinder manufacturers really listen to their customer needs. Because all of them have tried something with the bean flow. But the Bunn 22100.0000 G3 HD 3 lb. Black Bulk Coffee Grinder has brought something new in the game. 

This grinder here has Turbo action. This has only one goal and that is to draw coffee beans through the chamber. As a result, we get super-fast and efficient grinding. How fast is it? Well, it can ground one pound under 30 seconds.

So, if you’re having long queues at your place, then this can be the best solution. You might wonder if the ground quality is any good. Well, they’ve tied that loose end too. So, no worries. Now, let’s look at some pros and cons.


  • Has a bag switch that controls grinding based on bag presence.
  • Has higher grinding efficiency
  • Has a sleek design of 7.4 inches width.
  • Comes with a convenient cleaning lever for instant cleaning.
  • Has one of the best warranties.


  • Is too loud.
  • Has comparatively lower grinding range.

4. Mahlkonig K30 Twin On-Demand Espresso Grinder

Commercial coffee grinder reviews

This premium coffee grinder can give you a good bang for the buck. And that’s why we have the Mahlkonig K30 Twin On-Demand Espresso Grinder at the fourth position. Some of its features might not seem surprising to you. But the whole package is surprising. 

So, what makes it so good? Well first of all, it’s a twin grinder. So, you get two grinders at one place. This feature alone can save approximately 30% space on your counter. And in the case of commercial spaces, it’s a huge deal. 

Moreover, because of the twin grinding feature, you can grind two types of beans at once. So, you’ll be ready to serve at any time. And with some other features like 1650 RPM motor, this grinder deserves this place.


  • Keeps the steel burrs cool through a ventilation system.
  • Has two 65mm grinding disks.
  • Has an illuminated display.
  • Matte color will go perfectly with your shop aesthetics.
  • Saves around 84 square inches of commercial space.


  • Is highly expensive.
  • Double grinders at one place can get messy.

5. La Pavoni ZIP-B Commercial Coffee Grinder

top rated commercial coffee grinder

We’re at number 5 and we have a decent commercial coffee grinder there. La Pavoni ZIP-B Commercial Coffee grinder is the best thing you can get in a limited budget. Here the features are nothing exclusive. But all of those are standard. 

Overall, everything here is the best that you can get for the money. For example, it’s hard to find a grinder with a 65 mm steel burr driven by a 0.33 HP motor in this budget. 

And the best part is that it’s built to last long. Now, let’s look at the pros and cons-


  • Comes with a special insulation countering steel burr heat.
  • Has large flat burrs that grind more beans at a moment.
  • Can grind up to 13 pounds per hour.
  • Has a weight of 37 pounds which reduces wobbling.
  • Has a decent hopper capacity. 


  • Has low dose adjust-ability.
  • Has low portability.

6. Baratza Forte BG (Brew Grinder) Flat Steel Burr Commercial Coffee Grinder

top commercial espresso grinders review

This is Baratza’s answer to the brew lovers. The Baratza Forte Brew Grinder is basically our number one product from here but with a more specialization towards brewing. 

This grinder here can make medium to coerce grinds perfectly. So, how does it do that? Well, in its small footprint, the brew grinder holds a high torque motor. This motor runs 54mm flat steel burrs while the precision weight control feature handles bean flow. 

Apart from these, our grinder here will give you the freedom to adjust your grinding. You can use the 10 macro adjustments or the 26 micro or specific adjustments to make the perfect brew for serving.


  • Has a broad grind range (230 to 1150 microns).
  • Gives the freedom to re-calibrate burrs.
  • Comes with a cleaning tool.
  • Has a low wastage percentage (.03%).
  • Has an intuitive touch interface.


  • Hopper capacity is low.
  • Is fragile to turns and twists.

7. La Pavoni ZIP-R Commercial Coffee Grinder

La Pavoni ZIP-R Commercial Coffee Grinder

Due to the success of ZIP-B we now have a slightly improved version with a higher budget. However, it can still be considered as a low budget grinder. So, what are the new features of La Pavoni ZIP-R Commercial Coffee Grinder? And why is it in number 7 of our list. Well, let’s start with the first question. 

The ZIP-R started with a motor repositioning. Here the motor is lowered so that the beans can stay clear of extra heat. Moreover, it has a built-in seal slide technology. This technology keeps the beans in place even while cleaning. 

And it’s at number 7 because the extra features don’t give out much value considering the price increase. It’s neither a budget winner nor a flagship killer.


  • Has 63.5 mm grindstones.
  • Warns if the device is under powered.
  • Reduces heat buildup with the structural design.
  • Allows access to the bottom chamber.
  • Has a semi-automatic bean doser.


  • Has a Low dosing adjustability range.

8. Mahlkonig K30 Air Espresso Doserless Grinder

Mahlkonig K30 Air Espresso Grinder

The Mahlkonig K30 Air Espresso Grinder is basically an upgraded version of the K30 Vario grinder. The extra feature we have here is the extensive cooling system. 

It uses a rear fan to wick out the heat inside the grinder. You might see gaming phones and pcs using this tech to cool down the device. So far, it’s been working pretty good. It can bring down 10-12 F just with the fan.  Now let’s look at the pros and cons-


  • Can fill out a double basket under 5 seconds.
  • Allows timed dosing function.
  • Comes with a stepless grind adjustment.
  • Has a standard hopper capacity of 3.3 pounds.
  • Comes in a doserless design.


  • Screen control isn’t available.
  • Expensive.

9.BUNN 35600.0020 Multi-Hopper Coffee Grinder

Best commercial grinder review

If you really want to see technology in coffee grinders, then this is the one. The BUNN 35600.0020 Multi-Hopper Coffee Grinder & Storage System brings in some out of the box features in this industry. 

It all begins with a chip in the hoppers. This actually turns those from regular storage units to smart devices. So, what do these smart hoppers do? Well, these devices can read the type and amount of beans in the hopper. 

The smart funnel takes this info and helps the brewing brewer to adjust the recipe. Moreover, the grinder delivers the right volume for each batch by adjusting the grind time. Now, let’s look at the pros and cons


  • Has smart features in every step.
  • Comes with two large hoppers.
  • Has a powerful 0.75HP motor.


  • Might get difficult to experiment recipes.

10. Ditting KF1800 Industrial Coffee Grinder Bulk Roaster Grinding Machine

Ditting KF1800 Industrial Bulk Roaster Coffee Grinding Machine

Go through this only if you need an industrial sized coffee grinder. Because the Ditting KF1800 Industrial Coffee Grinder Bulk Roaster Grinding Machine is the real deal. 

If you’re planning on sending a bulk amount of coffee grounds to coffee shops and jars, then this would be the best coffee grinder for commercial use for you. Because a regular coffee shop doesn’t need to grind 12 pounds of beans per minute. 

So, if you’re into that kind of business then you should move onto the pros and cons-


  • Grinds at a super-fast rate with 180mm disks.
  • Has a large hopper capable of holding 66 lbs.
  • Can hold out metal pieces with the magnetic hopper.
  • Comes with adjustable outlet options.
  • Has a sleek design considering the output.


  • Super expensive.
  • Has nothing to reduce the heat.

The Complete Buying Guide

It’s hard to choose the perfect one for you from all these choices. Well, we thought about that too. And to help you out we have brought in this buying guide. Here, we’ll explore the factors that you should consider while choosing The best commercial coffee grinder. Now, let’s get going-

Burr Type

So far, we have two types of burrs available in the market. The flat one and conical one. Each type has its pros and cons. Flat burrs can make chip shaped grinds. As a result, you’ll get a strong flavor. However, to make chip shaped grinds, the burr spins fast and sometimes this burns up the grinds.

And this grind won’t give you a pleasant taste. But some people love this strong flavor.When it comes to capturing aroma, conical burrs are the winners here. This burr uses gravity as the main key and as a result, you won’t have to worry about burnt up grinds. 

Durability of Materials

Here we have two choices. Ceramic and steel both are popular for their different pros. However, both have their unique cons. The problem with steel is that it might heat up after some heavy use. This might result in burnt grounds. However, the best part about steels is that it’s cost efficient. Moreover, fixing these is easy. 

On the other hand, ceramic solves this heating issue. And it’ll give you the same durability. You might not believe us, but no coffee grinder will survive a regular fall. So, if you’re thinking about durability then it’s the same to use ceramic and steel. 

The only difference is in price. You’ll have to decide on your own about the size of your investment to buy one of the best commercial espresso grinders. 

Burr Size and Speed

Short burrs will spin slowly but will make the best grounds. Which means you’ll have a large queue if you’re in demand. However, large burrs will spin fast and also will heat up fast. So, the best option seems medium sized burrs. 

Machine Dimensions

In today’s world everyone goes for sleeker things. And why wouldn’t they? If you can do the same work without taking much space, then it’s ultimately beneficial for you. That’s even a basic theory of economics. So, try to look for the smallest one with the highest return. 

Size of the Hopper and Grind Holder

Bigger hoppers can hold more beans. So, what’s the benefit of grinding more beans at once? Well, you’ll understand the benefit when there’s good demand for that coffee your machine’s making. It’s all about reducing the line length. If you make more grounds at one spin, then you serve more people at a time. 

It’s the same case for the grind holder. You don’t want to run for coffee grounds after serving each person. So, it’s better to get a big one. 

Auto Functions

You might hear some bad words about automatic grinders. But nowadays the performance is almost the same. The only drawback is that you’re giving up some of your control over the grinding. So, if you love to experiment with grinding then manual is the only option for you. Other than that, the different settings for auto grinders are best for serving customers on a daily basis. 

Maintenance and Warranty

If you end up needing an extra employee to clean up the mess made by this machine, then it’s better to target the low maintenance ones. So, we have a rule of thumb here. If your grinder survives the day without clogging up around 4 times, then it’s good to use. Any more clogs daily, and you’ll lose money. 

Now, we believe there’s not much to talk about warranties. The more the better is the norm here. However, make sure that the warranty is easy to claim. You don’t want your grinder out of service for a long time.

How to Clean Commercial Coffee Grinders?

Cleaning can save money. And when it comes to business, saving money is good. Now, if you’re setting up the grinder for the first time, it’s important to know how to clean it.

Even if you don’t use it on a regular basis, you’ll be able to look after your employees. So, there are 4 easy steps to clean a commercial grinder. Let’s look at these-

  • Clean up the hopper of your commercial coffee grinder.
  • Empty that chamber (Only for doser grinders)
  • Brush up the grinder.
  • Buff that grinder body.

Just keep track of the steps while cleaning. Hopefully, your grinder lifetime will increase.

Frequently Ask Questions (FAQs)

1. Does finer grind make stronger coffee?

Yes, finder grind makes stronger coffee. However, this only works for the brew method that catches fine pieces. So, this won’t be applicable for the French press method. 

2. What happens if you grind coffee too fine?

It becomes bitter. Too much of anything isn’t good. So, when the grounds are too fine, there’s a chance that your coffee will become bitter and over-extracted. 

3. Is a burr or blade coffee grinder better?

Burr coffee grinders are better. It’s because no matter how good the blade is, it’ll underperform in the face of commercial use. So, it’s better to use the burr grinders.

4. Do burr grinders wear out?

Everything wears out at some point. So, does burrs. But burrs usually go out after grinding 500 pounds of coffee. So, you can have some trust in it. 

5. Why are burr grinders so expensive?

In order to make fine grounds the grinder needs to be stable. To be more specific, it has to be wobble proof. To make it possible, burrs have to be made out of metal. And pretty heavy metal. Moreover, the machine must be designed in a perfect way. All that adds up to a hefty amount.

The Verdict

That was all about the best commercial coffee grinder. We have explored ten coffee grinders with their pros and cons. After that we went through a complete buying guide. There we discussed all the features that you should consider while choosing yours. 

And after answering a few common questions, we are here at the end. It’s been a long journey and thank you for sticking with us till now. Good luck. Happy serving! 

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