Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs

Coffee is essential in our daily lives of endless hassles and struggles. It helps you stay awake, get rid of the tiredness while waking up, keeps your memory active and makes you feel alert. A good cup of coffee makes the ever-increasing work a bit more bearable for us.

So, why not indulge in healthy amounts of this energizing hot beverage?

Well, if you are a coffee lover like us, get yourself a good coffee mug. Carry it with yourself everywhere and restrain from using disposable cups.

This article will talk about the best double walled coffee mugs you can find in the market. We hope they'll help keep your coffee warm and you safe from germs.

A Quick Glance: 6 Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs


Products Name


Kitchables - Set of 4 Glasses - 8oz Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with Handles

Kitchables - Set of 4 Glasses - 8oz Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with Handles

Eparé Coffee Mugs - 12oz Set of 2 Clear Glass Double Wall Cup - Insulated Glassware

Eparé Coffee Mugs - 12oz Set of 2 Clear Glass Double Wall Cup - Insulated Glassware

Sweese 414.101 Large Glass Coffee Mugs - 16 oz Double Walled Insulated Mugs with Handle

JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups (Set Of 2)

Sweese 415.101 Glass coffee Mugs - 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass

BTäT- Coffee Mug, Coffee Glass, Large, Set of 4

Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs Reviews:

We have some mugs that are beautifully simple yet classic in style here for you. Please take a look at the list below to see which one you like most.

1. Kitchables - Set of 4 Glasses - 8oz Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with Handles

Kitchables - Set of 4 Glasses - 8oz Double Wall Thermal Insulated Cups with Handles

There is satisfaction in doing things where you can tell how your progress is going. And that's what we think about when we look at this transparent thick-glassed double-walled coffee mug from Kitchables.

To begin with the look, we’d say that these look very nice.

Drinking from them feels even better. You can see the dark color of your coffee and watch the liquid move towards you as you tilt the cup to take the sip - ah, this just adds to the whole relaxing experience of having a morning tea/coffee before you start your day.
The glasses are very thick - and they're insulated. There are two benefits to this. Number one, these glasses will keep your drink warm longer. The second advantage is that you can drop this glass from good table height, but it still won't break or crack.
Which brings us to my next point - longevity. Well, just based on the appearance alone, you’ll be able to tell just how strong these glass mugs are. We’re are here to say that you’re not wrong at all. These glass mugs will see you through generations because of their strength and sheer quality.

Each glass holds about 8 ounces of liquid, and that's without being filled to the brim. 8 ounces is a healthy dosage of coffee for you to have in a day. It will give you a healthy start without making you lose sleep at night.
This mug is also very easy to hold with its 8 ounces of coffee. Even while full, the weight is comfortable enough for an average person. And on top of that, there is a well-placed handle with excellent weight balance.
So, all in all, going by appearance, use and longevity, we can say that you're going to like this mug quite a bit.

Key Features

  • 4 in a set
  • Has double walled insulation
  • Can hold about 8 ounces of coffee/tea
  • Shatterproof and completely transparent
  • Made with thick and durable borosilicate glasses

2. Eparé Coffee Mugs - 12oz Set of 2 Clear Glass Double Wall Cup - Insulated Glassware

Eparé Coffee Mugs - 12oz Set of 2 Clear Glass Double Wall Cup - Insulated Glassware

We recommend this mug to those who like to a whole lot of coffee at a time. It can hold about 12 ounces of coffee, which is an amount that is suited for the coffee enthusiasts who like to indulge in the whole experience of having this delicious energizing drink brighten up their day.

With 12 ounces a glass each, you won't be getting too many glasses in the kit. Each kit of these Epare coffee mugs only contains only 2 mugs - but these mugs are of such superior quality that you'd never have to buy a coffee mug again unless you want a change of appearance.

However, we don’t think you’d get bored with this mug. It has the classic simple design of coffee mugs that can never go out of trend.
There are no patterns or designs on the mug that you’d get sick of. Instead, it has a clean aesthetic due to the thick-paned glass construction of the mug.
The mug is a bit modern in the way that it's not shaped like the typical oval mugs we all have had at our homes already. It has a slightly trapezium-ish shape that starts narrow at the bottom and slightly expands as you go up.
This mug’s shape is the feature that will let it stand out in your kitchen among all the other coffee mug glassware you have.

Oh, and the thick-paned glass construction that we talked about is not just any regular glass for decor. It's the high-quality hand-blown borosilicate glass that's also great in function.
The double-paned glass walls keep your coffee warm and your mug safe as well. So, if you happen to drop it by some misfortune accident, the coffee may spill, but the glass won't shatter.
So, with that, you have a very long-enduring set of mugs that you will probably be able to pass on to the next generation as vintage glassware or something fancy like that. Regardless, we know you'll love drinking from this high-quality clear mug.

Key Features

  • Each glass holds 12 ounces of tea/ coffee.
  • Safe for the microwave and the dishwasher alike
  • Made with special hand-blown borosilicate glasses
  • Keeps a steady temperature inside that keeps your drink at its original taste
  • Double layering of the glasses makes the mug strong, lightweight, and durable

3. Sweese 414.101 Large Glass Coffee Mugs - 16 oz Double Walled Insulated Mugs with Handle

Sweese 414.101 Large Glass Coffee Mugs - 16 oz Double Walled Insulated Mugs with Handle

If you loved the previous mug we talked about, you will probably like this one too. They are very similar in every way. However, if you are passionate about the art of making and trying out interesting drinks, then you’ll love this mug even more. The main reason for this preference is that this mug is of a greater size.

Yep, it will hold about 16 whole ounces of liquid. The glass is completely transparent. And there’s a handle that will help you to manage the weight of the glass.
That said, we must also mention that the weight of the glass is pretty surprisingly light. The mug is made with borosilicate glass with a low thermal conductivity - which means that it will hold the temperature even within its walls.

With the temperature constant, both your warm drinks and your cold ones will retain their original flavors and aroma for the longest time.

Due to the clear transparent glass of the mug, any drinks you keep in the mug will look very appealing - this is why you can use these mugs to practice making many interesting drinks of varying flavors.

The mugs come with a big handle, comfortable to hold and positioned in an exact location to distribute the mugs’ net weight evenly and make the mug feel secure in your hands.
Another interesting design you will most definitely miss is the small inwards circular bend at the glass’s bottom. But look for it, and you will see it. It’s there to make sure that the heat doesn’t affect the glass in any way. It also helps the glass to be adequately insulated.

Key Features

  • Holds about 16 ounces of liquid
  • Made with the high-quality transparent borosilicate glass
  • The walls of the glass are double-paned for greater insulation.
  • Has a nicely shaped glass handle that balances the net weight properly

4. JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups (Set Of 2)

JoyJolt Caleo Collection Double Wall Insulated Glass Coffee Cups (Set Of 2)

Sick and tired of the same old glass mugs that you see in stores and also in everyone's house? Well, then look here for something better. Something that will stand out in the crowd, add a bit of funk to your day, and have you prancing around.

This coffee mug we have here is a bit different than any of the others on this list. It has a slight curvature to it. Yes, the whole mug is a bit concave - with the bulge side pointing away from the handles. They are very cool, so if that matches your energy, you have to go for it! Keep it anywhere, be it on your computer table or in the kitchen, this glass mug will become your signature style for sure.

It's made with special borosilicate like the rest of these mugs. So you can rely on its durability - even though it looks funky, it has a lot of seriousness about itself. The glass is completely transparent, and it has a clean aesthetic value that will never age. These mugs are actually resistant to both heat and condensation - so you won't see it sweat out your cold drinks or let the heat escape from your hot beverages.

It’s the perfect mug for friends to have coffee together. And if you accidentally happen to knock this glass off of the table while having a good time with friends, fear not. This double-paned glass mug won’t break. Nope, they are made extra hard and extra strong - they are built to last.
Each glass will hold about 13 ounces of liquid, while each of these mug sets has two mugs of the same size for you.
Cleaning the inner and outer glass is both easy work requiring a very light scrubbing. You can also pop them into the dishwasher to be cleaned, and they are also oven-safe and freezer-safe. Keep your drinks in their best state with these funky concave glass mugs from JoyJolt.

Key Features

  • Has a capacity to hold 13 ounces of liquid
  • Looks unique with its slightly irregular shape
  • Can be popped into the oven, freezer, and also the dishwasher
  • The thick glass panes have been double layered for increased insulation
  • Made with high-quality borosilicate glass that doesn’t scratch or break easily

5. Sweese 415.101 Glass coffee Mugs - 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass

Sweese 415.101 Glass coffee Mugs - 4PCS Double Wall Insulated Glass

This is a double-walled glass mug that has a lovely elegant shape to it. Though it's not extraordinary, it has that simple aesthetic that adds slight elegance to your home and life.
Using these glass mugs is very refreshing because they are very easy to carry. They are made with mouth-blown borosilicate glass; it’s a type of glass that is itself better than regular glass because it has all the features of being strong, resilient, and light.

These are double-paned glasses - from the outside; it looks like the glass is very thick. In reality, the glasses are of regular thickness, but they have been layered on top of each other, and in their midst is some space that increases their capabilities of insulation.

That means you can hang out with your drinks longer than you could before. You don't have to be in any hurry to finish that cup of hot espresso anymore. Relax and take your time, because this insulated glass mug will keep the temperature inside the glass constant.

The case is the same with cold drinks - you can keep cold juices in this mug, and they will stay cold for a long time because the double panes of the mug keep condensation to the minimum.
The outer glass will be safe to touch, to begin with, but to add to that comfort of a safe grip; a handle has also been added to the side of the mug. It's a big handle made of glass with space enough for your fingers to grip it tightly. So, with that lightness and that ease of hold, you will be able to carry this mug around with you all around the house.

Each glass only holds about 8 ounces of coffee, and you will find that this is more suitable for the coffee or tea lover who doesn't indulge in too much of the drink but enjoys it sparingly.
That said, in each set, you will find four mugs of the same capacity, quality, strength, durability, and appearance. We think you're going to like it very much.

Key Features

  • Per set contains 4 identical mugs
  • Made with mouth-blown borosilicate
  • Each cup can hold about 8 ounces of drinks
  • The mug is very lightweight, durable, and strong
  • Double glass for increased capacity for insulation

6. BTäT- Coffee Mug, Coffee Glass, Large, Set of 4

BTäT- Coffee Mug, Coffee Glass, Large, Set of 4

Despite being our last mug set, design-wise it is the fanciest of the bunch. This glass is oddly shaped, but you’ll like it if you have that flair for extravagant simplicity within.
Don't frown; we're still talking about transparent double-paned glass mugs. But this one stands out because of its unique design that's a bit unlike the simple ones we have discussed so far.

Towards the bottom of this, the two glass panes have a bit more space between them - this makes it look as if the glass has more thickness between the lower side of the panes. And this thickness slowly closes on itself as you travel upwards to the rim of the glass.
Well, the whole thing looks a bit dashing to us, actually.

If you pour your drinks into it, it will seem as if the liquid is suspended a bit above the bottom of the glass. That’s a very cool thing, in our opinion.
Anyway, the glass is as durable as it looks. The borosilicate that has been used to make this mug is positively resistant to temperature and chemical modifications.
So, the glass will hold strong on itself and will last for many, many years unless it falls victim to some harsh and unfortunate accident.

The set contains 4 glasses of the same appearance, measure, and quality. And each of these glasses individually can hold about 16 ounces of liquid - so this is for those of you who like to consume a big amount of coffee, tea, or any other kind of beverages, hot or cold.
Another good thing that makes these mugs all the more appealing is the fact that these are oven-proof, dishwasher safe, and can also be kept in the freezer. However, you won't find the need to pop this into the dishwasher seeing how these glasses are perfectly easy to wash with just plain water.

Key Features

  • Each glass holds about 16 ounces of liquid
  • The set contains 4 of these durable double-paned glass mugs
  • Can be safely popped into the dishwasher, oven, and freezer
  • Super easy cleaning - make it squeaky clean with just plain water
  • Made with borosilicate glass that’s extra resistant to all kinds of damage

Buying Guide for Best Double Walled Coffee Mugs

Buying a glass mug can’t be that difficult! You just have to look at a few factors to ensure that they’re the good ones. And what are these factors? Well, check them out below.

Quality of Glass

There are some things that you would rather want not to happen to you glass mug - you don't want it to catch the yellow tint of coffee, you don't want it to get scratches on its body, you don't want it to break, and most importantly, you don't want it to stink with a weird smell. These are the reasons we don’t recommend regular glasses for you. They have a tendency to age and lose their initial lustre. So, this is why we would recommend you the borosilicate the glass. These glasses do not stain, break easily or do any of the other things that you don’t want your glass to go through.

Being free of lead and BPA, they are completely safe materials for making drinking glasses. This glass has borax oxide added to it, and that makes it extra durable and sturdier than any of the other glasses in the market.

On top of that, they are chemically and thermally resistant. You won’t see any unpleasant change in their appearance over time - not even if you shove them into the oven very frequently. They are quite oven-safe, and also safe for dishwashers and freezers.


Your double-walled glass mug has a layer of air between its two glass panes that helps to shield the drink inside against the different temperature that is in the outside surroundings.
The best double-glassed mugs have a thicker partition between panes in the lower part of the mug, with the partition gradually decreasing towards the top of the glass.

The thicker the volume of air between the glass panes, the more insulation your glass has, and it will hold on to the drink’s initial temperature much longer. You can keep both hot and cold beverages in it, and they will both have maximum heat retention.


Well, your glass mug shouldn’t be too heavy for you. That will diminish comfort, which is completely undesirable in this case. The lighter the glass is, the better build it has. So, you should look for lightweight glasses.


The weight distribution is partly managed by the type of handle your mug has. The placement of the handle, its size, and the material it's made of - all should be taken into proper consideration.
The handle should be located right in the midsection of the glass, and it has to be big enough for you to get a good finger grip on it without creating any sort of tilt angle.

Oven Safe and Freezer Safe

Now, you might have made coffee for yourself and forgot about it in the hassles of the busy day - so in cases like this, your life will be much easier if your coffee mug is oven-safe. You can just pop it right into the oven and have your coffee warmed up - without fearing for the glass to crack.

Keeping your glass in the freezer is also something that will be very handy to you. Suppose your glass can handle low temperatures to the freezing point. In that case, you’ll be able to keep your favourite juices in it and store it in the freezer so that you can have it right away after you get back home - a luxury in the hot days of summer right?
So, we highly recommend that you get glass mugs with both of these aspects about them.


Honestly, you can do without this option. A high-quality glass mug will already be made with premium glass that won’t need much to be dealt with. Washing them will only require a bit of water and freehand light scrubbing.

So, you can still buy a glass mug if it says it’s not safe for the dishwasher because this won’t affect your experience of using it to any lengthy extent

Your Daily Regular Requirement of Coffee

You should never get a glass that is bigger than what you need. Coffee and tea are good energy boosters, but we don’t recommend that you have them in greater quantity.

If you get a giant mug, you will start increasing your regular daily dose of coffee. On the other hand, if you're trying to cut down on the amount of coffee you have, then get a smaller mug than the ones you usually drink. They will help you to gradually control the amount of caffeine intake to a considerable degree.

Frequently Ask Question (FAQs)

1. How much coffee will give me positive health benefits?

A healthy daily dose is below 400 milligrams of coffee each day. A glass mug of 8 ounces will hold about 95 milligrams of coffee, so do the math according to the capacity of your particular coffee mug, and make sure that you don’t take more than 400 mg.


2. Are there any disadvantages to the borosilicate glass?

Well, there are none when it comes to usage. However, if your borosilicate is mouth-blown or hand-blown, then you might see that it has some air pockets caught in it. So, that’s one disadvantage - the glass might be a bit uneven.
But if you look carefully, you can easily detect that and get another one instead.

3. Does borosilicate have lead?

No, they don’t have any lead or BPA. These glasses are completely safe for you.

4. How long will my coffee/tea stay hot in these double-walled insulated glass mugs?

They will stay at the initial temperature for about 10 to 30 minutes. But if you preheat your glass mug before pouring coffee into it, then it will stay warm for longer.

5. Do these glasses break easily?

No. They are made up of extremely resilient Borosilicate glass, and on top of that, they are double-walled. The combination of these two factors makes these glass mugs very strong, durable, and unbreakable.

Final Verdict

The complete experience of a good, relaxing drink can help us calm down and collect our nerves in the middle of a long hard day at work. Now, you can get the best double walled coffee mugs for yourself, and make it even better.
So, what are you waiting for? Get yourself a set of these glass mugs and make yourself a delicious drink!
With that said, we sign off for today. Stay well! 


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