Best Espresso Grinder Under $1000 – Reviews and Buyer’s Guide 2019

With the perfect and best espresso grinder under $1000, you can go for a tasteful espresso but all grinders are not suitable when it comes to home application. 

Though grinders for commercial uses are cheap, you will need a premium quality machine for your home. And here come the best espresso grinders under $500 - $1000 to deliver the best espresso and coffee at home.

Although the price tag represents a costly home machine, you will obviously receive better service than most grinders under $500.

Right here, we got the top espresso grinders that are capable of fulfilling your demand for a perfect morning shot. Go through the reviews to pick your gear and start enjoying great coffee at home.

Best Espresso Grinder Under $1000

10 Best Espresso Grinders Under $1000 – Comparison Table


Product Name

Dimension (Inches)

Weight (Pounds)

Operation Type

Check Price

15 x 10 x 20



5.1 x 9.4 x 15



19.5 x 6.7 x 14.3


Automatic & Manual

13 x 8.5 x 22



23.2 x 7.5 x 13



5 x 10 x 14



24 x 7.75 x 10.5



23 x 7.75 x 12






22 x 8.25 x 11.8



The 10 Best Espresso Grinder Under $1000 in 2019

Best Espresso Grinder Under $1000

Certification from Canada and USA makes this best home coffee grinder a reliable option to meet small-scale demand. Being a mini machine, you will get superior serviceability for its capacity.

Through a compact and ergonomic design, it comes with the optimum carriage, storage facility. The 110 Volts motor with 250 Watt output provides a powerful and consistent grinding action all the way.

Featuring sturdy flat burrs having 58 mm diameter, you will receive maximum efficiency. Also, you can make an adjustment for dosing level that covers a range of about 5.5 up to 9 grams.

With built-in micro-metrical scaling, you can even go for grind adjustment. Step-less operation and a lower 1600 rpm speed for the grinder espresso machine delivers the right grind for a tasteful coffee.


  • Compact design with durable construction.
  • Sufficient grinding capacity for domestic use.
  • Powerful motor offers convenient grinding.
  • Unique adjustment facility for dosing level.
  • Easy grind adjustment with micro-metrics.


  • Only suitable for espresso grinding.
  • Longer operation may cause problems.
Best Espresso Grinders Under $1000

With a completely new grind-by-weight functionality, you will experience a new brewing style. This best coffee grinder under $1000 from Baratza can make the high-quality grind a perfect breeze.

The best part is you can have 3 different presets with adjustment equipped with a digital scale. It allows you to save and operate three separate dosing weight to ensure a variety for the grinds.

There come 30-stepped macro and step-less micro adjustment triggering near-infinite grind settings. Therefore, you can cover wider espresso breadth from dense to high-yield extractions.

Featuring a convertible holder, this great espresso grinder fits different brewing devices. Through intelligent technology, the machine corrects the dose error by itself and deliver a great grind for your espresso.


  • Professional performance with innovative design.
  • Micro & macro adjustments for customization.
  • Separate dosing weight to induce grind variety.
  • Convertible holder provides better compatibility.
  • Minimized retention for the high-speed grinding.


  • Easy tip over with smaller base.
  • Sparse clogging may take place.
Espresso Grinder Under $1000

Incredible satisfaction will be at the home with this new espresso grinder. In fact, Compak introduced a convenient and professional quality grinder that is featured to deliver precise dosing all along.

Powerful 210 Watt motor with 1340 rpm offers superior stamping for the beans. Not to mention, the hopper capacity of 800 grams will help you to handle larger amounts of beans at once.

With the standard 58 mm burrs, it is ready to deliver 1/2 shots of ground coffee on demand. Through the micro-metric system, you can make a precise adjustment to get the perfect grinds.

The convenient portafilter resting offers supreme accuracy to enable precise dosing. Having both manual and automatic operating mode, you will get everything from this best espresso coffee grinder.


  • Built-in micrometrical adjusting facility.
  • Standard sized 58 mm sturdy burrs.
  • Precise grinding with resting portafilter.
  • Automatic or manual operating mode.
  • Greater holding capacity for the hopper.


  • Switching method is quite analogic.
  • Less portability with higher weight.
Best Espresso Grinder Under 1000 dollar

Being available in a new condition, you will get the best grinds to make your espresso coffee. The combination of construction, design, features, and capacity leads to a great output for this Cecilware machine.

Having a cast aluminum frame, you can make perfect head alignment for the precision result. With 2.5” blade burrs, the machine easily cuts down the beans to finer grinds preserving the characteristic taste.

A powerful motor delivers 350 Watt ensures incredibly uniform grinding performance. Being a semi-automated device, you can sufficiently influence the output quality regarding your requirement.

You can have infinite settings to customize the best semi auto espresso grinder thanks to the built-in micro-metric control. And 3 pounds of hopper capacity is enough to prepare a delicious shot.


  • Commercial-grade aluminum framework.
  • Powerful motor action for better efficiency.
  • Almost infinite settings with micro control.
  • Reasonable hopper capacity of 3 lbs at once.
  • Outstanding appearance with great finishing.


  • Bottom base is not very stable.
  • Higher weight reduces portability.
Best Coffee Grinder Under $1000

Versatile features and powerful crushing are guaranteed for this best grinder under $1000. Having premium features, this Italian machine promise to thick your coffee with greater taste.

The convenient design ensures powdering of the beans to a sufficient extent. Therefore, it suits both home and café without question. Greater accuracy in quantification delivers the perfect powder to give the perfect flavor every time.

Featuring a larger sized steel blade measuring 64 mm size, it operates to ensure maximum fineness. The flat disc contributes to the lowering of temperature retaining the original taste of the ground beans.

You can control the grind fineness for this best semi-automatic espresso grinder thanks to the thickness adjustment. Smaller number delivers finer whereas larger number provides coarser espresso grinds.


  • Effective powder dosing construction.
  • Larger cutter head for better grinding.
  • No-step thickness adjustment facility.
  • Powerful motor offers further longevity.
  • Maximum retention of original flavor.


  • Requires time for powder grinding.
  • Careful observation for accuracy.
Best Coffee Grinder Under 1000

Featuring a convenient user-friendly design, you will get superior quality espresso inside the house. The inclusion of the doser chamber makes this new espresso grinder from Rancilio an economic option.

This machine requires manual effort for grinding operation and therefore, comes with less power. In fact, it has 166 Watt diving motor that holds good enough to do manual grinding without hard labor.

Through a 50 mm metal blade, you can attain considerable fineness to make a good espresso. The grinding burr can maintain lower heat generation to keep the oils from ground beans.

Again, a tinted hopper will hold a reasonable 0.65 pounds of beans at a time. Although this entry level espresso grinder lacks some features, it is capable of delivering a satisfactory grinding.


  • High-quality construction for endurance.
  • Manual operation offers maneuverability.
  • Built-in cutting blade ensures fineness.
  • Tinted-style hopper holds 0.65 lbs beans.
  • Reasonable motor power gives efficiency.


  • Accurate grinding is difficult.
  • Time-consuming operation.
Mazzer Luigi Super Jolly Electronic E Espresso Coffee Grinder

Sharing similar appearance from previous semi-automated ones, this unit promises convenience. In fact, this premium-grade grinding machine from Mazzer is able to meet your grind requirements at once.

This best coffee grinder over $500 is available in a pre-owned condition. Therefore, the presence of stains, marks, and slight paint chips are quite common without affecting the grinding performance.

After passing industrial testings, they appear in the market and you will find a satisfactory crushing. Through programmable pushing buttons, you can have the control for maximizing the 350 Watt output.

There come 64 mm burrs and 2.7 lbs hopper capacity to ensure optimum fineness. With the built-in electronic timer, you can get the best espresso having the natural aroma and flavor retained from ground beans.


  • Sturdy frame with metal construction.
  • Easy control with a programmable button.
  • Powerful motor delivers better grinding.
  • Larger blade size imparts grind fineness.
  • Sufficient grind with the hopper capacity.


  • Pre-owned condition reduces outlook.
  • Difficult moving with greater weight.
Best Espresso Grinder

The unique and innovative design enhances the performance and appearance of this grinder. Using this best burr grinder for espresso from Kirabon will certainly give you a pleasant grinding experience.

Having a unique and advanced shape, it eases the overall crushing task with accuracy. The convenient shaping of all the fuselage components enables a quick, effective and fine grind without delay.

This shaft grinder operates with a powerful turbine machine that can deliver a grinding power of 0.36 KW. Through a magnificent 1.2L basket capacity, you can get espresso for the whole squadron.

For quantitative monitoring and control, it included LCD touchscreen providing intuitive control. Being the best bean grinder under 1000, this featured construction is worth your investment for sure.


  • Innovative design ensures efficiency.
  • Turbine motor offers greater power.
  • Accurate grinding with unique shaping.
  • Incredibly high capacity to hold beans.
  • LCD screen for intuitive customization.


  • Longer grinding time requirement.
  • Not suitable for commercial uses.
Best Grinder Under $1000

You can prepare the perfect espresso and coffee sitting at home with this automatic grinder. Barista Guys combines plenty of features in this best home espresso grinder under $1000 for your satisfaction.

Although it comes with high-grade commercial steel frame, you will get sufficient portability with reasonable weight. It also imparts long lasting durability and resistance to withstand all rigors of kitchen activity.

Featuring a powerful grinding motor with sufficient rotating speed, you can produce up to 3.5 kg of grinds on each day. Being a silent working motor, you won’t have to deal with annoying noise anymore.

Convenient timer setting and effective control make this best coffee espresso grinder suitable for commercial uses. It certainly delivers effective grinding service for quality grind against its price.


  • Greater outlook with superior construction.
  • Finer grind production in larger quantity.
  • Noiseless operation for the grinding motor.
  • Effective control facility with timer setting.
  • Better portability with a reasonable weight.


  • Infrequent clogging may take place.
  • Regular cleaning for commercial uses.
Best Espresso Grinder Under $1000

Designed for a practical kitchen appliance, this Italian machine can serve just perfect. With the semi-automated operation, this home espresso grinder from KUOWO offers a complete package of versatile features.

With lightweight yet sturdy aluminum construction, the durable frame resists rigorous applications. The included hopper for storing beans is made of quality plastic to encourage better serviceability.

The flat wheeled burr comes with a larger diameter of 64 mm to ensure maximum crushing of whole beans. The metal burr can provide a greater smashing ability of 6 – 9 kg/hr without interruption.

Through larger hopper capacity, you can get to grind a considerable bean amount. The 1.2 kg holding capacity qualifies the best at home espresso grinder a satisfactory investment for your kitchen.


  • Sturdy frame construction with aluminum.
  • Greater blade diameter allows better grinding.
  • Plastic hopper lasts long with maintenance.
  • Sufficient portability for the lightweight body.
  • Higher smashing ability through flat burrs.


  • Controlling options are quite limited.
  • Inconsistent grinding may take place.

Factors to Consider When Buying

Getting the perfect one to receive the best home espresso is concerned with its quality and performance. And right here you will find some governing factors regarding the grinder quality. Having these criteria for the chosen unit will surely get you the best espresso grinders under 1000 dollar.


Construction material has a direct impact on durability and you have to look for metal ones. In general, stainless steel or aluminum frame for grinders last much longer than others. 


Both hopper material and capacity are important regarding the grinding performance. Sturdy hopper with reasonable bean holding capacity according to your demand and application needs to be chosen.

Cutting Burr

Most grinders under $1000 come with steel hardened flat burrs. In fact, they provide better grinding efficiency to some extent. Burr with sufficient or large diameter is preferable.


For a good espresso, fineness of grind has the most important role. It is better to have some adjustment and monitoring facilities to change the fineness without any distortion. 


Powerful motor delivers better crushing action ensuring optimum accuracy of grinding. In this case, the more is better but you have to consider the electricity requirement as well.

How to Clean Espresso Grinder?

Best Espresso Grinder Under $1000

Espresso grinders are subjected to more or less static build-ups and therefore, you have to clean the machine. Followings are short instructions to get the cleaning task done.

 Step #1

Unplug the machine and pull apart all the parts that can be taken off.

Step #2

Turn over the upside and then deliver smacks to the sides.

Step #3

Remove all the residuals from inside using soft brushes or similar equipment.

Step #4

For better cleaning efficiency, go for vacuuming the separated parts.

 Step #5 

Put together all the parts back again and start grinding.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Question 1: Is it possible to make coarser grind for French press?

Answer: Although it depends on grinder settings, most of the machines can provide coarse grind.

Question 2: What is the electricity requirement to run the grinder?

Answer : It varies according to models but the most common is 110/120 Volts.

Question 3: Do these expensive grinders suitable for coffee shops?

Answer: In most cases, they don’t unless specified by the manufacturer.

Question 4: Is there any grinder available with ceramic burr?

Answer: For best performance, stainless steel holds a lot better than ceramic and home grinders don’t really have this burr.

Wrapping It Up

Despite having a higher price, you will get the desired taste for every time with proper use, maintenance, and adjustment. Each machine from our coffee espresso grinder reviews is rich in features allowing you to operate with ease and comfort.

All the aforementioned grinders are quite popular thanks to their convenient frame design along with consistent grinding performance.

You just need to choose the best espresso grinder under $1000 for yourself and it will serve you with maximum satisfaction till the end.

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