The Definitive Guide To French Press Coffee Maker

French press coffee maker are coffee device which is used for brewing best french press coffee. It is called French press because the device was first made in France, and it uses a plunger which users use to press the coffee grounds. It has other names too such as, press pot, coffee press, cafetiere coffee plunger, cafeteria, etc. 

The device consists of four things- a cylindrical glass or plastic beaker, a lid, a mesh filter made of nylon or stainless steel wire, and a lid made of plastic or metal. A French press is not just an instrument for making coffee. You can make tea with this coffee machine too. 

However, it is suitable for brewing loose or light tea as it’s not a device that can boil or defuse the tea leaves for a long time (which is a requirement for some types of tea leaves).

French Press Coffee

What Makes French Press Coffee Maker Different from Other Coffee Makers?

According to brewing methods, there are seven main types of coffee makers. The French press has its uniqueness and excellence that makes it different from the others. Below we have presented some of the factors that make a press coffee maker distinctive.

Taste of the Coffee

If you want the authentic, sharp taste of coffee, the coffee plungers will be the best choice. In this device, when you keep the coffee grounds for brewing, the boiling water gets all the qualities of the coffee beans.

When you press the plunger, the essential oils found inside the grounded coffee gets extracted into the water. Have a French press, and you’ll never have to complain about the taste of the coffee. The best French press makers will give you the tastiest kind of coffee.

2. No paper Filters

The characteristics of the French coffee maker tell us that it doesn’t use any paper filters. The filter that it contains is generally a stainless steel wire filter or a nylon filter.

The great features of French presses makes them easy to clean. You don’t have to change the filters every time you make coffee. The steel wire filter is easy to press and extract all the flavors of the coffee beans.

3. Simple Brewing Process

We have described the brewing process before. You have to do nothing except steep some grounded coffee in boiling water. The brewing process then needs nothing but a little time as the whole thing is manual. The process doesn’t require any connecting to an electric line or anything like that. It’s as simple as that.

4. Temperature Control

A French press tea infuser or coffee maker gives you the freedom to control the temperature of the beverage. You might be that lazy person who doesn’t wait for the coffee to cool down and don’t like hot coffee.

A French pot has an advantage for you. You can add water of whichever temperature you want. If you are in need of the tastiest cup of coffee ever, I’ll suggest you use boiling water of 200 degrees Fahrenheit!

5. Easy to Clean

French coffee presses have real simple cleaning requirements. You have to clean the thing every time after using, but the process is effortless. There are no cables or brewing machine in a French coffee maker. 

After every use, you only have to clean out the residue from the beaker and wash it. Then You have to clean the filter. The parts of the brewing machine are removable. So, there’s no trouble at all separating and cleaning them.

6. Versatility

Well, our French coffee pots cannot only brew coffee but also make tea. Some French pots are regarded as best tea press or best tea press pots too because they can also make tea. Steep some tea leaves in the beaker and add hot, boiling water to that.

Let it infuse for a couple of minutes and hope process makes you a good cup of coffee. The French maker is thus, versatile equipment. Still, there is something you need to know. All sorts of tea leaves won’t be suitable for French makers.

They cannot boil tea leaves whereas some tea leaves need boiling. Other than only tea and coffee, some devices can make many more. Some French pots are multi-functional. They enable you to have iced tea, lemonade, nut milk, etc. with only one device.

7. Portability 

When we talk about the advantages of a French pot, we often forget about an outstanding one- the portability of this thing. Many of us, while we go to outdoor events or camping, cannot stay without the morning coffee.

A French pot is a savior in those situations. It has no wires, no electricity needed to perform, and no big parts. You can simply carry it to places. The coffee maker is lightweight and mobile.

Looking for a Faster Brew?

french press

A good French press maker only takes 3 to 6 minutes to give you a fantastic cup of coffee. However, some people are not willing to wait a couple of minutes. For those who are looking for a faster brew, there’s another method called AeroPress brewing method.

This method uses pressure to extract all the essences of ground coffee in the quickest time. You get a tasty cup of coffee in less than the time all other methods require. The other method that works almost as fast as the Aeropress is the French press. Can’t you wait 4 minutes for the tastiest cup of coffee? I wonder who would answer negatively to this!

What Is The Best Coffee Maker for French Press?

There are many coffee makers which work fine as best for French press. There different types of brands such as Bodum, SterlingPro, Kona, Linkyo, Frieling etc. for French press. It’s hard to tell which one of these renowned companies is best or worst as well.

Not only the coffee maker but also the coffee brand or coffee type also matters to a French press. If I had to name some of the best coffee brands for French press, I’d say Lavazza, Illy, Koffee Kult, Dallmayr, etc. produce perfectly coarse grounds for coffee press.

How to Make the Best French Press Coffee at Home?

Coffee is one of the most popular food drinks nowadays around the world. However, we start our day drinking a cup of coffee. Having a useful coffee maker would help you to get a quick cup of coffee. So here I would like to introduce you to a coffee maker that would ease your work.

The French Press is a coffee brewing device which looks like a cylinder usually made of glass, steel or plastic having a plunger fixed inside the edge of the cylinder. This device was invented in France during the 1850s.

It is also called press pot as the piston of the plunger is used for pressing water to flow through it. Now we would see how it works and how we can get a delicious cup of coffee by utilizing this machine.

What You Need!

  • French Press
  • Water
  • Coffee (Coarsely ground)
  • Spoon for stirring
  • Timer
Steps By Steps Process of Making French Press Coffee

The three most important things to make a decent cup of coffee included the size of the beans, coffee-to-water ratio, and brew timing. Some easy steps would guide you towards making the best French press coffee at home. Here I’ve tried to show my type of making coffee, which really tastes so good.

Step-1: Grind your beans

Grinding your beans before you make coffee is highly recommended. It makes your coffee more aromatic and flavorsome. In this case, you can use a best coffee grinder with French press which will yield you a perfect cup of coffee. Make sure you use a coarse grind or others! Uneven grinding can cause bitterness. You can also purchase already ground coffee from the shop if you don’t have a grinder at your home.

Step-2: Boil water with a separate kettle

The standard water temperature is 180-200 degrees Fahrenheit for best French press coffee. You can sit for 30 seconds letting the water to get the right temperature. Too much hot water can cause bitterness; also if you miss the right temperature, you wouldn’t be able to enjoy the flavor.

Step-3: Add coffee grounds and water into French Press

Excellent coffee-to-water ratio is between 1:15, which means for 1 gram coffee, you should add 15 grams of water or 3 tablespoons of coffee for 1 cup of water. You can change the ratio according to your taste you like. If it tastes too bold, then you can add more hot water to the press. Now add coffee grounds and one-third of water into the French press and let everything sit for 30 seconds.

Step-4: Stir gently

Gently stir the mixture with a wooden spoon or a chopstick so you mightn’t break the glass of the cylinder. Then add rest of the water, add a lid on the carafe and wait for 4 minutes. Brewing your coffee for more than five minutes will result in a pungent taste.

Step-5: Plunge, pour and enjoy

When your timer shows 4:00, it’s time to press the plunger down and pour all the coffee into your mug. Now enjoy your coffee with friends or by yourself and relax. If you have extra coffee in your French press, don’t leave it there. Pour it into another mug because otherwise, it becomes extremely bitter. So vacant your machine instantly and wash it after using every time.

Wrapping Up

After reading the whole article, you may get a clear idea of what kinds of french press coffee maker is suitable for your kitchen. So let’s begin to hunt your best one for brewing fresh french press and take the aroma you like the way.

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