How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker?

Many of us can’t think of starting a day without a cup of coffee. Where people search for their glasses after opening their eyes, coffee fanatics look for their coffee mugs. Are you one of them? If you are, then the coffee maker must assist you greatly. 

But what if it breaks suddenly? Starting a day without coffee must be like a nightmare to you. But once you know how to make coffee without a coffee maker, there will be no problem anymore. To help you out, here is the simple procedure of making coffee without a coffee maker. Check it out below.

How to Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker

How To Make Coffee Without a Coffee Maker? The Definite Guide

Making coffee without a coffee maker is nothing tough. Whatever you like the black one or the milky one; you can make it easily without a machine. Even it tastes better than the coffee made by a coffee maker.

Here is the process you may follow, and there are some surprising tips for you, in the end, make your coffee taste better. First, check out what stuffs you need to make your coffee.

What You Needs!


Select a medium size container. Choose the container according to the quantity of your coffee.


You don’t need a mug only while serving the coffee. It is required to measure out the water you are taking for the coffee.

Measuring Spoon

Use a small measuring spoon to take the coffee quantitatively. Use the same spoon every time to get the same taste.


This is the basic ingredient. Use mineral water to make it healthy.


You may purchase the coffee brand you like to get the taste you want.


You need milk while making milk coffee, not the black coffee.


If you prefer sweet coffee then the sugar will be a countable ingredient.

The Black Coffee Methods

This is basically the common morning coffee. Follow the steps below to get it done without the help of a coffee maker. Here you go.

Step #1

Take one cup of water in the container. If you are about to prepare more than one cup, then take water according to that. But you must pour the cup first then pour the container. Take a half cup of extra water.

Step #2

Now, Set the container on the stove and start boiling. The ideal temperature is up to 200 degrees to ensure the unique taste. Wait for two minutes to boil the water.

Step #3

Take 2 tbsp coffee powder for each mug. Too much coffee or less than 2 tbsp can’t bring the authentic taste.  

Step #4

Add the coffee particles into the boiling water. Boil them in low heat and keep at least for 3 minutes. Your refreshing morning coffee is ready. Serve it in your style.​​​​

The Milk Coffee Methods

I personally never like the coffee maker’s milk coffee. It could never satisfy me with the taste I love. So, I learned the handy process. Here it is for you to make the tasty milk coffee without a coffee maker.

Step #1

Take water according to how many cups you need and pour it into the container. Take a half cup of water extra. Now, steam it for 2 minutes.

Step #2 

Add 4 tbsp of milk powder to the water and lower the heat. It’s better to froth milk in low heat.

Step #3

Now, add sugar as much as you want and add 2 tbsp of coffee powder for each cups.


Cover the container with a lid and boil it for 3 minutes. You are done.

So, this is the easy way of making coffee without a coffee maker. Now, here is the surprising trick to make your coffee taste better than before.

It's actually for the milk coffee. Pour your milk coffee in a bottle, lock it and shake. Open the bottle and here is the handmade coffee foam. Serve it in your mug and add 3-5 ice cubes. Taste the cafe coffee at home.

Wrapping It Up

If you know how to make coffee without a coffee maker, then you don’t have to rely on the machine anymore. You can prepare your favored drink anytime anywhere. Besides, It saves money from getting a costly coffee maker or maybe repairing it repeatedly.

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