How to Make Espresso and Cappuccino? The Definitive Guide

Ciao coffee lovers! Welcome to the aromatic exploration of two coffee culture which has gained popularity in the globe. Yes, Espresso and cappuccino that’s right. You too know these two hot beverages. But many of you often have confusion between them. Many of you often ask various questions regarding them. The common one is: - espresso and cappuccino are the same? 

Do they require the same procedure when it comes of how to make espresso and cappuccino? What are the benefits of drinking either of them? Well, to give an initial knowledge, let me tell you a short story. Italy, the cradle of espresso culture. Both espresso and cappuccino culture has nourished in the fertile field of Italy. In the very first, espresso was the only hot beverage in European continents.

But people invented a new kind of espresso adding milk and milk foam in it. And they called it cappuccino. That’s how their journey stars. In this article, I’ll tell you everything about espresso and cappuccino, how to make them perfectly and their nutrition benefits.

What Is Espresso?

Make Perfect Espresso and Cappuccino

The Italian word “espresso” refers to different meaning. But in this context, it means slowly forcing a small amount of steamy water through freshly ground coffee beans. It is also known as black coffee or coffee without milk.

Espresso carries high amount of caffeine per unit volume. As a result, espresso possesses a bittersweet taste. But it's not completed already. Espresso creates a thicker layer on the top called crema. Crema intensifies both of structure and taste of an espresso shot.

What Is Cappuccino?

Where espresso carries its authenticity, Cappuccino happens to have an espresso base. For a balancing taste steamed milk and foamed milk is added. Cappuccino is also derived from the Italian language, which literally means the coffee that has allow me to modify it by saying; it happens to have a double espresso shot. added frothed milk.

Basically, it's two portions of coffee against two portion of milk. For a better coffee experience, some people have preferences for cream instead of foamed milk. Foamed milk or cream is poured on the top of the cup.

Which some people find very artistic. And from here, our very familiar, latte art is originated. However, cappuccino has become famous through latte art, but it is also famous for having different types. For example traditional cappuccino, dry cappuccino, wet cappuccino, flavored cappuccino, iced cappuccino etc.

How to Make Espresso and Cappuccino Perfectly?

A. How to Make Espresso? 5 Approaches

How to Make Perfect Espresso and Cappuccino

For making perfect espresso first, you need to have an espresso maker. You can have a lever espresso or a semi-automatic espresso machine for preparing this.

Step #1  

Measure the water according to how much espresso shot you are going to have. Per espresso shot need 1.5 ounces of water. So if you want to have a double espresso shot, you need 3 ounces of water. Per shot equalizes one tablespoon.

Step #2

Ground the coffee beans with a best espresso coffee grinder.   

Step #3

Pour the porta filler with ground coffee and manually tamp it. A perfect espresso shot relies on how well you tamp it. After that, remove the excess from the side of porta filler.

Step #4

Attach the porta filler to the brewing compartment.

Step #5

Turn on the switch, and after 30 seconds, your espresso is ready to serve. You can have a different espresso essence by roasting the coffee beans before grinding. It will add an extra bitter taste in the espresso.

B. How to Make Cappuccino? 4 Approaches

Make Perfect Espresso and Cappuccino

The key to having a perfect cappuccino is to have a base of espresso with enriched crema on the top. That is why two espresso shots are needed for cappuccino. Semi-automatic and automatic espresso machines are the best for making cappuccino. These will allow you to extract espresso and froth the milk at the same time.

Step #1

In this case, as you are going to make rich crema on the top, you need to measure 2 ounces of water against a double shot espresso.

Step #2

Ground the coffee beans and put them into the porta filler. Insert them inside the brewing compartment. Start extracting.

Step #3

At the same time, you need to prepare milk for cappuccino. Take two ounces of milk and insert the steaming rod in the mug. Turn on the steaming dial and froth it for ten seconds. Give a gentle shake to the milk to make it textured.

Step #4

After when you have your milk and espresso ready, pour the milk in the cup, add the last foam from the milk pot, and you have your cappuccino.

Health Benefits of Espresso and Cappuccino

However, besides giving a mind blasting taste and intensified aroma, espresso and cappuccino contain health benefits too!

  • Contain dietary mineral magnesium which helps to reduce weight
  • B vitamins niacin speeds up the body’s metabolism
  • Prevent Alzheimer’s
  • Enhance concentration power
  • Lessen the chances of having any stroke
  • Reduce the chance of diabetes
  • Prevent cancer
  • Prevent liver problems
  • Lift up your mood

Few Small But Important Point To Be Noted!

  • Pre-heat your espresso cup
  • Tamper the coffee powder well to have an even surface
  • Make sure the porta filler is well cleaned. Otherwise, the water wouldn't make through it.
  • Immediately wash the porta filler after extraction. Because the coffee in it eventually will become hard and difficult to remove.
  • For cappuccino, froth the milk very well so that it creates a foamy texture on the top.
  • While pouring the milk, tilt the cup in a small angle to have a natural design on the top.
Wrapping It up

Where espresso carries its true authenticity, cappuccino shows its versatility and artistic character. Additionally, both of them contain health benefits too. Every day when someone is having a perfect espresso over breakfast, on the other side of the world, somebody is drinking the finely textured cappuccino.

But espresso and cappuccino are not far from each other. The only difference is a couple ounces of milk in the espresso. You can make perfect espresso and cappuccino at home anytime by yourself. You just need to follow several steps for how to make espresso and cappuccino. Over some sips, you can start a fresh and aromatic day. Wish you a happy coffee day!

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