Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder Review

Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

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  • Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder
  • Proctor Silex
  • E160B
  • 4.1 x 3.6 x 7.2 inches
  • 1.2 pounds
  • 4.5/10

Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder is one of the smallest and cutest machines for the coffee lovers. Its compact size and shape make it easier to carry it wherever you want. You can easily put it in your bag and take it to your various trips and make your coffee.

This machine might not give you support to make coffee for many people within a short time, but for your family members, it is perfect. Making coffee is more natural and comfortable with this device.

Its Few features and facilities will attract you the most such as its retractable cord, safety button, sturdy blade, good performance, etc. 

Sometimes the weight becomes a barrier to carry a coffee making machine, but this machine is so light that you will not feel it a burden. Two different colors, black and white, are available in the market and this is probably the only white color coffee grinder.

Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder

Features and Specifications of Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind

This cute machine has some outstanding features that might attract you the most.

  • Its an automatic machine that runs on electricity. So, you don’t have to grind your coffee beans manually.
  • For all the electronic devices there is a safety issue. This machine has a safety on/off button to prevent any accident.
  • You can easily wrap its cord inside the device. So it becomes a machine with only one compact part.
  • To grind coffee beans, this machine has stainless steel blades that provide a good quality ground.
  • You can easily remove its parts and clean it whenever you feel it dirty.
  • Two different colors are available, black and white.
  • This machine is made in stylish European design.
  • It has got a dimension of 4.1 x 3.6 x 7.2 inches.
  • Only 1.2 pounds is its weight which is quite low.

Design and Performance of Proctor Silex 

The machine is very stylistic, cute and compact in design. It is made in stylish European design which is liked by most of its users. The retractable cord makes the device very compact and handy and allows you to carry it in your backpack easily.

It takes very less space in your kitchen cupboard. Wherever you place it its lucrative design will increase the beauty of that place. 

The machine comes in black as well as white color which is quite different in terms of coffee grinders.The Proctor Silex Fresh Grind works very fine though you cannot make coffee for many people at a time because of its small size.

The grinding speed is not less than most of the electric coffee grinders. You will easily get the fineness you want in your grinding. Its compact design doesn’t affect its performance.

Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder Review


As a middle-class people we always want good durability in the machines that we buy as our income is limited. The price of this product is very less, but it provides a lot more than the price you pay for it.

Since the machine doesn’t have many functions, there is a less chance spoiling the engine. Its existing users have been using this machine for many years without any problem.


There are some excellent benefits that you will get if you buy this product.

  • The machine is small in size and fits easily wherever you want it to keep.
  • The design is compact; its cord also gets wrapped inside the device.
  • You can use it not only to grind your coffee beans, but you can also grind spices, and more.
  • There are two different most likable colors available, black and white.
  • The grinding is quick that gives you an instant coffee without any delay.
  • The device has a long life so that you can stay relaxed.
  • The price of this device is within reach of low-budgeted people.
  • Cleaning this machine is quite comfortable and convenient.


There are some bad sides that you have to tolerate if you buy it.

  • You can grind only a small amount of beans at a time.
  • Sometimes the cord malfunctions.
  • Clean it with water might hamper the machine.

Wrapping up

This machine is so cheap that you don’t have to think twice before buying this grinding machine. For a real coffee lover, Proctor Silex Fresh Grind is a kind of blessing. Most of the electric grinders are not easy to backpack and take on an excursion or picnic.

But Proctor Silex E160BY Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder is so small that it easily fits anywhere and easy to carry. It has got a stylistic look that increases your impression while using.

For your safety, there is an on/off button that you will not find in many of the coffee grinders. Its price is even less than many hand driven grinders, and you are getting an automatic machine. So don’t overthink, place your order and enjoy your coffee.

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