Best Coffee Grinder For French Press of 2019 – Reviews And Buyer’s Guide

Coffee grinders are machines that allow you to grind your coffee beans and prepare for making coffee. The best coffee grinder for french press is used for making different types of coffee such as French press, espresso, macchiato, cappuccino etc.

The fun part is that if you have a coffee grinder at your home, you can make your coffee. It will give you relief from going to the shop and buying a cup of coffee which is sometimes expensive too.

There are various types of coffee grinders with many different features and facilities available in the market. You have to choose the right type of Machine for your desired type of coffee. To make your desired French press coffee a coffee grinder is must if you want to make it at home.

Some machines can be used by hands manually, and others are automatic that need electricity to run. Making coffee is an art and choosing the right grinder is another art as you have to keep many things in mind.

To choose a grinder for French press coffee, you have to consider the features because with the too precise quality ground you cannot make this type of coffee.

Usually, we know that the hand driven machines provide less exquisite ground than an electric one. But, they offer less quantity of ground, and sometimes it becomes annoying.

Best French Press Coffee Grinder

What Is French Press?

Are you a coffee lover and cannot live without a sip of your cherished coffee? You will be happy to hear that most of the real coffee lovers actually go for French press as it gives them the real taste of coffee.

In the French press, you don’t need to do much processing, and because of that, the feeling remains strong and raw. To make this kind of coffee your coffee grounds should not be magnificent like espresso; you have to keep your bean ground a little coarse which will make you feel close to nature.

To make French press coffee, you need another type of coffee maker that helps you to press the coffee grounds. Because of this pressing facility, it is called the French press.

How to Choose the Right Coffee Grinder for Your Kitchen?

If you are a professional coffee brewer, you will notice that all types of coffee grounds cannot be used to make French press coffee. You need a coarser grind that can get stuck when pressed in the coffee maker.

If the ground is excellent in quality, they will slip out through the holes in the coffee maker. You have to choose best french press grinder that provides a coarse bean ground for your French press.

Most of the electric grinders give you the facility to select from different settings, coarse to fine. The hand driven coffee grinder provide comparatively rougher ground so they can be used efficiently for the French press.

Remember that for French press you have to avoid the machines that deliver only fine quality coffee bean ground.

Why Do We Need a Great Grinder for French Press?

When we grind the coffee beans in a espresso coffee grinder, it generates heat which is an enemy to your ground coffee. If this heat is high, it changes the flavor and quality of your ground coffee.

The fine, you make the ground the quantity of produced heat is higher. Sometimes the coffee grinder give you uneven ground and generate much warmth for some technical settings.

To keep your coffee taste intact, you have to keep your ground away from heat to maintain the natural feeling. As stated before, the French press coffee is preferred because of its raw flavor and taste.

If the quality is plunderage, you might not like it. It is advisable to choose a grinder machine that will not change the smack of your coffee.

Factors to Consider When Buying 

To choose the best coffee grinder for your french press coffee, you might be confused as there are many features you will find in a french press machine. Here you will get a good idea about the specific features that will make your grinder best.


It's an important feature that is necessary for all types of best coffee grinders. Mixing up the coarse ground with fine one will spoil your coffee. For French press, you need the coarse ground, and the fine ground will leave the sediment in your coffee.


Everybody likes clean coffee and to make a fresh cup of coffee your grinder also need to look clean. Some machines are complicated to remove its parts and clean. You should choose the mechanisms that can be cleaned easily.


When a ground is accumulated in the groundhopper the start jumping because of the vibration of the machine making the sidewall dirty. You should choose a device with low static bean hopper.

Grind Setting

Different espresso machines have different levels of settings to deliver various types of grounds. You have to decide that what kind of coffee you want to have and if the tool can provide your desired ground.

Grind Size

To make french press coffee, you have to understand what size ground you want for what kind of coffee. All the coffee grinders cannot provide all size grounds. So you must choose the best coffee bean grinder for the french press to get the best results.


An electric coffee grinder always makes sounds that might disturb your and others. Select a device that produces less heat and noise. The hand driven machines do not make noise which is right for you.


Budget is one of the key factors to buy a great coffee grinder that you need to consider. See your pocket and measure your requirements and then decide what kind of grinder you want. Depending on your budget match all the features and buy the best budget coffee grinder for your kitchen.

Few Important and Confusing Differences

Choosing the best coffee grinder can be a  difficult task if you don’t have much idea about the best home espresso grinder.

 Manual Or Electric

Two different types coffee grinders have different features and facilities. Electric coffee bean grinder needs electricity to run and works automatically and faster.

Hand crank coffee grinder requires human effort to run and is quite slow. A manual coffee machine is pretty handy than an electric machine.

Steel Or Ceramic

Sometimes, there is a debate which burr grinder is better steel or ceramic. Some say that the ceramic grinder comparatively more relaxed but the steel one is more durable. We recommend a ceramic burr grinder because ultimately it’s all about taste.

Blade Or Burr Grinder

A blade grinder has a blade that cuts off the beans into small pieces. In burr grinder, there are two revolving abrasive surfaces between which the berries are pressed and ground. Burr espresso grinder grinds the beans uniform in size.

Conical Or Flat Burrs

Again there is a debate whether conical burr is better or flat burr. We can say that, apart from the technical facts, in conical burr grinder it is easier to get the different size grounds. So you can go for the best conical burr grinder that suits to your kitchen.

Stepped Or Step-Less Grinder 

In a step-less grinder, you can make your coffee ground the way you like it. But in the stepped grinder you have to select from few settings that are already set in the machine. Sometimes a step-less mechanism makes you confused.

Doser Or Doserless Grinder

The Doser version allows the ground coffee to accumulate in a compartment is called Doser.  The Doserless version allows the ground coffee to go directly into the portafilter (filter handle).


Doser versions are comparatively cleaner than the other. The few differences and the features that are discussed here are the main key factors to decide what will be the best coffee bean grinder for you.

It will be a foolish thing to go for an expensive bean grinding machine without understanding its nature and facilities. Your requirement might be fulfilled by a small coffee roasting machine that you can get without investing much.

10 Best French Press Grinder - Comparison Table


 Product Name

Dimensions (inches)

Item Weight


Check Price

10.8 x 7.1 x 6

4.5 pounds


14.6 x 9.6 x 7.8

4 pounds


7.6 x 7.1 x 12.5

3.97 pounds


12.5 x 8.5 x 16.3

16 pounds


12.5 x 8.5 x 16.3

6.4 pounds


3.5 x 3 x 6.8

1 pounds

Krups North America Inc.

4.3 x 7.2 x 10.4

3.2 pounds

Groupe SEB

1.8 x 1.8 x 7.5

9.4 ounces


16 x 11 x 13



3.7 x 3.5 x 7.1

1.3 pounds

Hamilton Beach

The 10 Best Coffee Grinder for French Press in 2019

As stated above, a great bean grinder needs to have a few useful features and facilities. A coffee grinder might be right for you but the same one might not feasible for someone else. 

It always depends on the grinder you are going to select to fulfill all your requirements.  As a user, you should choose one that might be useful for you, not the one that is expensive or exotic..

We have given below a small list of top 10 best espresso coffee grinders in 2019 which are useful in quality Especially for French press coffee.

We put Cuisinart DBM 8 Supreme Grind Automatic Burr Mill at the top of our list because of its superior performance and low price. You will get different settings for selecting the ground quality from fine to coarse. It has the following features which might attract your attention.

  • check

    There are 18-position grind selector.

  • check

    It automatically shuts off when grind cycle is complete.

  • check

    You can remove the grind chamber that holds coffee ground for around 32 cups.

  • check

    You will get a cleaning brush and a scoop.

  • check

    The machine is made of stainless steel style.

If you don’t have sufficient budget, this french press grinder can be a perfect one for you. Its performance, style, and durability will give the proper value for your money. It will also give you a better grinding experience.

Capresso 560.01 Infinity Conical Burr review

The Capresso is another good quality coffee bean grinder that will give you perfect ground for your French press. This grinder is a little expensive than the previous one, but it is stylistic.

Along with giving you an ideal grind, it will also increase the beauty of your kitchen. The machine is compact and tidy.

  • check

    It gives you a quick grind; 8.5 ounces of beans at a time.

  • check

    You can select from its four grind categories – fine, extra-fine, regular and coarse.

  • check

    It grinds for 5 to 60 seconds automatically.

  • check

    The burr design is conical that makes it superior to others.

  • check

    Its container holds up to 4 ounces of ground at a time.

This machine has higher durability than most of the devices of its class. You can easily choose this one if you have the budget. This machine is one of the best Coffee Grinder for french press and is used by most professional French Press lovers.

It’s a colorful stylistic burr coffee grinder that gives you a good quality ground. If you are annoyed by the noise of your previous machine, this will help you.

It doesn’t make much noise while grinding. You can choose from its three different colours that suit your kitchen appearance, and most of all coffee lovers desired it.

  • check

    It has 14 grind settings that provide different types of ground.

  • check

    The device is compact and more comfortable to clean.

  • check

    It is less static which is suitable for a coffee grinder.

  • check

    It produces very less noise and doesn’t disturb you or others in your family.

  • check

    This machine has a right grind consistency to better coffee taste.

The Bodum Bistro Burr Grinder is quite simple to use, so you don’t have to go to an expert very often. It has the high durability that gives you the value of your money.

Breville BDC650BSS Grind Control Coffee Maker

It is one of the best budget coffee grinders; it has an LCD display at the top. Beville grind control is easy to use and control, and you will get a consistent grind quality. The machine gives you a professional feeling. You can use this device at your home, office or coffee shop.

  • check

    The machine is programmable, and it has an auto start facility.

  • check

    The drip tray is removable so that it becomes easy to get to the ground.

  • check

    Its LCD display shows you the perfect situation.

  • check

    It has got a temperature control button that allows you to control the temperature of your beans.

  • check

    Another good thing about this machine is its Style.

If you care about the beauty of your kitchen, remember that this machine will definitely increase its attractiveness. Your investment will be worth it as you will get many useful features and facilities.

It is another coffee grinder with LCD display and dosing IQ that provides you perfect grind. There are three colors that you can choose from, black, red and silver. Breville BCG820BSSXL Smart Grinder gives you your desired ground using its 60 precise grind settings.

  • check

    The machine has a stainless steel conical burr that ensures its grinding quality.

  • check

    You can easily choose from its 60 precise grind settings

  • check

    It takes only 20 seconds for a double shot which is fast.

  • check

    There are two porta-filter cradles included, one large and one small.

  • check

    Choose from three different colors that suit your kitchen pretence.

This machine is a little expensive than most of the grinders, but it serves you pretty well. You will not feel that your money is wasted; it’s is quite durable as well as other top-level french press grinders.

KRUPS F203 Electric Spice and Coffee Grinder is one of the less expensive machines that serves most coffee lovers very well. If you are running short of money and you want to buy the best blade coffee grinder, this is the one for you. Its grinding is fast and uniform.

  • check

    You can grind beans for around 12 cups of coffee at a time.

  • check

    The machine has a 200-watt motor that provides you fast grinding.

  • check

    It has stainless steel blades that give you a uniform grinding in a short time.

  • check

    With this machine, you can also grind herbs, spices, grains and many more.

  • check

    There is an activated safety switch that provides you safety while using.

You can use this device for multi-purpose and get maximum benefit from it. For a quick cup of coffee, this machine can serve you well. Therefore, it will save your valuable time as well.

It's another machine made by KRUPS which is more expensive than the previous one that we talked about. Those who have a little more budget can choose this for a better grinding experience. It has a metallic burr grinder for the coffee lovers who want a quick cup of coffee.

  • check

    Its burr mill operation skirts blistering, maintaining the ground’s quality.

  • check

    There are nine grind levels to choose from that can provide you with the perfect ground.

  • check

    The container is transparent which contains grounds for 2 to 12 cups of coffee.

  • check

    For protection, if the container is not attached correctly, the machine will not run perfectly.

  • check

    It's a burr mill that gives you the better experience than blade one.

For coffee lovers with a medium budget, KRUPS GX5000 Professional Electric Coffee Burr Grinder can serve the best. The device is quite durable and gives proper value for your money.

That’s why it seems like a perfect coffee grinder among all of the best french press coffee grinder.

If you are looking for a small, cute and handy coffee grinder, JavaPresse Manual Coffee Grinder is perfect for you. It is one of the best manual Coffee Grinder for French Press that can be operated manually, and it will increase the beauty of your kitchen.

It's so small and handy that you can quickly put it in your backpack and take to your quick trip, picnic, hiking, excursion, etc. You don’t have to pay much for this device.

  • check

    It's a hand-driven coffee grinder that has 18 settings to provide you with your desired ground.

  • check

    Since this is manual, you don’t have to worry about battery or electricity.

  • check

    It has convenient removable hand crack mechanism that produces very less noise.

  • check

    There are ceramic combo burrs that ensure the taste of your coffee.

  • check

    Its parts are removable that can be put easily in your backpack.

It's only for those people who don’t like to take any hassle and don’t compromise when they want to have coffee. With this machine, you don’t have to depend on anyone else.

You can instantly make your coffee whenever you want. Therefore, it might be a great hand coffee grinder for your kitchen.

HarioSkerton Ceramic Coffee Mill is an another best hand coffee grinder that needs human effort to run. It's massive in size compared to the previous one.

Making coffee on a journey for your entire family will be more comfortable with this machine. You don’t have to worry about electricity, and it has a comfortable handle.

  • check

    This machine is easy to use, lightweight and portable.

  • check

    Its bean hopper is transparent and larger in size.

  • check

    The parts can be removed safely and clean without any hassle.

  • check

    It is low static, due to the glass grind receptacle.

  • check

    Durable glass and plastic material are used for better durability.

For low-budget coffee lovers, this machine is a good one. If you have a habit of travelling with your family and friends this machine will serve you well like other hand grinders.

The Hamilton Beach is an immeasurable quality electric coffee grinder that is easy to use and maintain. Its hands-free push button lets you use it with only one push which is safe. It doesn’t make much noise, keeps the environment calm and provides you different quality ground.

  • check

    The grinding chamber can be easily removed for cleaning or dishwashing.

  • check

    There are a precise cup selector and fitness settings for a better result.

  • check

    The grinder shuts off automatically when grinding is finished.

  • check

    There is hidden cord storage which makes the machine compact and tidy.

  • check

    It makes very less noise than most of its competitor.

You can use Hamilton Beach 80335R Fresh Grind Coffee Grinder for multi-purposes such as grinding coffee beans, spices, etc. The look of this device will make your kitchen professional.

Hope, this burr grinder will be your best espresso burr grinder for french press coffee.

The Best Beans and Grounds for French Press Coffee

Different coffee beans have slightly different taste, essence and can be made into a different type of coffee. It is tough to say precisely which coffee bean will give you the best feeling as different people have different tastes.

The grain which is good for me might be bitter for you. In this case, there are no regular coffee beans that will taste best for everyone. Here we are giving you some widely used coffee beans that are considered best for your French press coffee.

You have to keep in mind that medium and dark roasted beans work best for French press. We all know that Brazil has an outstanding reputation for growing coffee. Brazil Peaberry is considered one of the best beans for French press.

Turkish style coffee, Indonesian coffee, Ethiopian coffee and Columbia JO coffee are widely used by the French press lovers. You should never buy pre-ground coffee as they are intended for regular coffeepot uses.

Buy the beans that are rich in oil and medium roasted. Grinding beans for French press is another slightly tricky part as it needs the coarser ground. There is a lever that needs to be pressed where the berries remain underneath the pot, and only the coffee mixed water comes out.

If your ground is not coarse enough they will slip through the holes of the lever which will make your coffee bitter. The coarser grind releases carbon dioxide gases while steeping, which enhances the flavour.

Coarse Coffee Grind for Sediment Free French Press Coffee

We drink coffee to freshen up, not to spoil our taste. When we drink coffee, we often see that there is some leftover ground is stuck at the bottom of our cup. It actually tastes bitter and can spoil the entire taste of your coffee.


Some of the consumers say that drinking this sediment often creates pain or irritation in their stomach. In French press coffee, there is a less chance of creating sediment that tastes so bitter.


While making the coffee, you have to make sure that your coffee grounds are coarse enough not to pass through the French press holes. So choose your machine or setting on your device to have a sediment-free French press coffee.

How to Clean French Grinder?

Regular cleaning of a coffee grinder is necessary for its better health and better performance. After you grind coffee beans in the grinder , it becomes dirty. All the grounds and the oil of the berries make the machine greasy.

There are two types of grinders, blade grinder, and the burr grinder. Cleaning both the models is almost the same with some variations based on the differences between the machines.

In this article, we tried to show you how to clean your coffee grinder and maintain it properly.

Cleaning With Brush

To do this, firstly you have to remove its components such as the container, the hopper, the blade or burr, etc. Take each part in your hand and brush all the dust with the best coffee grinder brush from it.

Brush it to the corners properly because the coffee grounds hide in those places. Clean all the nooks of the burr and blade. You can wash the container and the hopper with detergent and soap.

Coffee oil gets stuck on the burrs and blades, and you have to clean them as well. To clean them there are two easy ways for two different types, the burr grinder, and the blade grinder.

how to clean your coffee grinder

Blade Grinder

A blade grinder uses a blade-like metal that whirls with tremendous speed and cuts everything into small pieces. It is difficult to clean the blade as your hand cannot reach there, and most of the oil gets stuck on it.

You take some uncooked rice, put them into your grinder and grind them properly. The pulverized rice will suck up all the oil and sticky substance from your blade making it clean. 

Throw the rice and dust the rice ground with a good quality brush. Then your machine will be ready to grind.

Burr Grinder

The cleaning tablets work the best in cleaning oil from a burr grinder. There are tablets made by different companies which can be used to clean your grinder without even removing the burrs.

Put some pills in the machine and grind them properly. They will clean the oil and sticky substance from the burrs of the device. 

Now, before using it, rub some old or unused coffee beans so that the grounds of tablets get cleaned. Throw the grounds, and your machine is ready for making your coffee.


There are a few things that you should keep in mind. Rice is a hard product so you should not grind them if you have a machine with less power; it might harm your engine. In this case, use your brush or wash with water.

Now it has become effortless to clean your coffee grinder as the technology is developing day by day. If you are not going to use your machine, you must clean it properly and pack it if possible.

Keep your device in a calm and dry place because the moisture in the air sometimes harms the engine. If you are a new user, it’s best to read the user manual before starting to use it.

Different machines have different ways to operate and maintain. Use your device with care and the device will care for you.

Wrapping it up

A coffee grinder and a French press are must needed if you are French press lover. Most Americans like this kind of coffee as they are very much fond of coffee and desire to make their own coffee.

Based on your budget and understanding, there are plenty of coffee grinders available on the market. A machine might be useful for one while others dislike it. So before you go to buy a grinder consider all your requirements and check your pocket.

If your requirements are fulfilled by a less expensive machine, you should go for it. If you need an expensive and cumbersome duty french press grinder, you have to pay a considerably right amount.

See the reviews that are given on our website which will definitely be useful for you. You will get a wide range of ideas about the good and bad sides of a coffee grinder. This knowledge will obviously help you when you plan to buy the best coffee grinder for French press.

You can take advice from an expert if you are going to buy a coffee grinder for the first time as many technical matters can be solved by a professional. Always see if your machine provides a warranty as it is handy when there is a manufacturing defect.

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