TRU Burr Grinder Review – Best For Home, Office And Coffee Shops

TRU Burr Grinder review

Product Key Specifications

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  • TRU Burr Grinder
  • Select Brands, Inc
  • BG-82
  • 6.9 x 5.2 x 9.2 inches
  • 2.84 pounds
  • 9.5/10

To make French press coffee, you need coffee grounds, and for that, you have to grind the coffee beans. Among many different coffee grinders, TRU Burr Grinder is the best quality and cheapest machine

With this machine, you will get your desired coffee grounds and make coffee yourself. This machine can be used at home, office and coffee shops. For the little-budgeted personnel, this machine is an ideal one.

It has got a heavy duty grinding stone that can provide you with different quality grounds from fine to coarse. The bean hopper can be removed from the machine which makes the cleaning easier and comfortable. 

The device is pretty, and you don’t have to be an expert to operate this device. Its look and color are stylistic that will increase the beauty of your kitchen.

TRU Burr Grinder review

Features and Specifications of TRU Burr Coffee Grinder

It has got all the features that an expensive machine has. You will not feel that you are using a cheap device.

  • It has a strong motor that runs smoothly using electricity. Unlike many machines, it doesn’t give you any trouble while running.
  • Its operational process is very easy and user friendly so you don’t have to be an expert to use it.
  • The machine contains a heavy duty grinding stone for providing various levels of grinding experiences.
  • The start and stop button make the device safe and sound.
  • For indication, while grinding the machine has a led powered indicator light.
  • You can easily adjust your grinding quality and get grounds from extra coarse to very fine.
  • The bean hopper can hold around ½ pounds of coffee beans at a time which is enough for many cups of coffee.
  • The dimension of the machine is 6.9 x 5.2 x 9.2 inches.
  • The product weight is 2.84 pounds, and the shipping weight is 3.2 pounds.
  • The product is made of mixed metal and plastic and is quite strong.

Design and Performance of TRU Burr

The color of TRU burr bean grinder is black. You have to put the coffee beans on the top by opening the lid and switch on the machine. The ground is accumulated in the removable bean hopper that is attached at the front side. 

The dark black color and transparent bean hopper make the machine lucrative. You can easily carry the machine anywhere you want. Storing the device in your kitchen cupboard is easy. The machine provides a different quality coffee grounds starting from very fine to extra coarse.

You can make different types of coffee using these various grounds. To grind the coffee beans, this device doesn’t take much time. Because this product runs on electricity, it doesn’t make much noise. To arrange for a small coffee party at your home or office now, you don’t have to depend on coffee shops and you can easily make it yourself.

TRU Burr Grinder


According to many users, this machine doesn’t give any trouble for an extended period. When you buy a coffee grinder, you must think about its durability.

The TRU burr coffee grinder has satisfied most of its users in terms of durability. They didn’t have to go to any repairman for a long period of time. It provides an uninterrupted performance.


The price you will pay for this machine is definitely valuable for you. Let’s find out the good sides of this machine.

  • This is an automatic machine, so you don’t have to grind the coffee beans manually.
  • The weight of this burr grinder is a pretty light that makes more comfortable to carry it to places. You can easily take this machine to your little excursion.
  • The machine doesn’t make much noise and doesn’t disturb the members in your house.
  • It has got a stylistic look that increases the beauty of your kitchen.
  • Its coffee hopper can hold ½ pounds of coffee ground that you can use to make many cups of coffee.
  • The led indicator light assures the running of the machine.
  • It also has a dual locking system.
  • You will get variable grind selectors for adjusting.
  • One year limited warranty is given with this machine for any manufactural problems.


There are a few bad sides of this machine that you might find.

  • There is no timer screen or scale for measuring or providing the exact situation.
  • You have to use this machine with care. If it falls from your hand, it might stop working.

Wrapping up

If you have a limited budget, you can easily buy this bean grinder which will provide you a good coffee ground. For any technical problems, the company will assist you with the necessary help.

For instant coffee, the TRU burr grinder can be a perfect one. It is easily usable at your home or office. Carrying it is easy and convenient. So don’t use your brain too much finding a coffee grinder and buy this device. Have coffee and enjoy life.

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