How to Make Cappuccino With French Press?

Whenever it’s about Cappuccino, we rely on famous and expensive cafes. That’s maybe because of its artistic pattern and unique taste. Making it your own seems like so tricky. Especially, if you don’t have an espresso or cappuccino machine.

But do you know you can make World class Cappuccino with French press too? Yes, this is surprisingly true. Your ordinary french press can give you an outstanding Cappuccino. Curious to know the process? Here is the simple process of making Cappuccino with a French press Maker. Check it below.

Cappuccino With French Press

What Needs to Make World Class Cappuccino

We usually use the french press maker for making coffee. So, most of us have this coffee maker as a must-have kitchen tool. Basically, the diehard coffee lovers. It must be good news for you that you can make the Cappuccino with the same coffee press as well.  Before getting into the process first check what you need to make your Cappuccino.

What You Needs!

French press

This is the regular coffee maker that will help you a lot to make the perfect Cappuccino. You can use the French press coffee maker that you already have for your beloved French press.

Coffee Grounds

Prepare it with your best french press grinder to get the best quality and freshly roasted coffee grounds or purchase from the nearby grocery shop.


It’s best to use mineral water to not compromise with your health.

Full cream milk

Full cream milk is one of the main ingredients in this entire process. Actually, you have to make the ordinary milk full creamy.


Jar is used for keeping the water and milk as per the measurement.


While boiling the milk and water you need a medium-size container.


You can add sugar to create a sweet taste.

Serving cup

Choose the cup you would like to serve the coffee on. Because it plays a vital role while creating the pattern at the end.

That’s all you need for the entire process. Get all of these together to have a good start and a perfect finish as well. Now, check out the making procedure below and prepare your cup of Cappuccino at home.

The Entire Step By Step Process of Making Cappuccino With French Press

Hope you got all the elements suggested up. Because every one of them has an important role. To make the process easy and obvious, it has been divided into several steps. Just follow these, and you will get the expected result for sure. Now, check out the step by step method below.

Step #1

First of all, measure out the water and milk according to your serving cup. Take one full cup of milk and another cup of water. Now, boil the water and the milk as well. Boil them in two different containers for 5-7 minutes in medium heat.

Step #2 

Afer that, put 7-8g coffee for each cup into the French press. Now, add some hot water into it. The measurement is ¼ of your coffee mug.

Step #3 

Put the lid on the French press and keep it like that for 5 minutes. Don’t plunge the filter now.

Step #4 

After 5 minutes push the filter down the bottom and keep it for 3 minutes. Let it release the flavor and be bold. 

Step #5 

Your primary black coffee is done. Take it out and pour into the cup. Add sugar to the black coffee if you prefer sweet.

Step #6 

Next, wash the French press and put the milk into it. Now, push the filter continuously until the milk foam is made.

Step #7 

Pour it into the jar and stir around gently. Put the milk over the black coffee. Start from the right then slowly come to the left then hold it in the middle. Then you will get a beautiful pattern.

Step #8 

Now, Your Cappuccino is almost ready. You can garnish it with some choco-powder also.

Wrapping It up

So, was it tough? No, right? It’s just getting the way well and go for it. No special ingredients, no expensive machinery, no impossible task, just some proper steps and the world famous Cappuccino is ready.

Try out this Cappuccino with French press today and impressing your dear ones. Cappuccino is a great way to express love and if it’s your own made, what can be more impressive? Just go with the steps up and enjoy the Cappuccino cup.

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