What Are The Side Effects of Drinking Black Coffee? Definitive Guide

Coffee fanatics can’t even think of starting their day without a cup of coffee. In most cases, black coffee becomes their one and only choice. Are you one of them? If you are, then you should know the side effects of drinking black coffee and change the habit from right today.

It’s cool to take coffee some often or just one cup regular. But the problem occurs when you become a coffee addict. Here are the side effects of black coffee. Check them below.

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Side Effects of Drinking Black Coffee

Side Effects of Drinking Black Coffee: Can You Have Too Much Black Coffee?

Drinking black coffee does not affect a fixed body part. It starts with your stomach then slowly goes through the brain, eye, skin and even kidney.

Actually, the main culprit is the caffeine. Among all the ingredients of coffee, caffeine is the one that has no nutritive value and causes serious harm to your health. Let's get started with various types of side effects.

1. Effects on Sleep

We usually have a cup of black coffee to remove the sleepiness during essential works. But if you take 5-7 cups a day, it’s obvious to ruin your sleep. Coffee contains some properties that make our mind strongly active.

Because of that, the brain often refuses to rest. That’s the reason for sleeplessness. Here are some health issues that happen because of the caffeinated black coffee.

Effects of Drinking Black Coffee

Insomnia is mainly the problem of sleeplessness. If you drink excess black coffee regularly, your body will have to face this problem sooner or later.

Stress and depression 

Caffeine can create anxiety or any kinds of depression. Most of the time, you become stressed or depressed when you didn’t have a perfect sleep. And caffeine can make you sleepless.


Many kinds of research have found, having too much coffee can make you nervous. Excessive coffee makes us restless moreover sleepless. These two problems bring nervousness automatically.


Coffee is often a way of removing a headache. But do you know it can cause you a headache too? When you have excess cups of black coffee, you become sleepless and stressed. Then the problem enters and makes you sick.

2. Weight Loss and Poor Fitness

Caffeinated black coffee can decrease your hunger and slower the digestion process. When you have 6 cups or more at a day the excessive caffeine becomes an absorber. It takes away all the necessary food value you have from various foods all day long.

It may cause weight loss. Besides, having coffee on an empty stomach might ruin your taste. If you do so, especially when you are seriously hungry. We usually need heavy food in case of too much hunger, but a cup of coffee can ruin that.

And if you repeat it for some days, your stomach will get used to it and decrease your hunger. Soon, you will start losing weight and get poor fitness.

3. Effects on Health

The effects on health get noticed with the increasing number of age. There is a say, ‘Excess of anything is bad.’ Health effects after having excessive coffee prove it again. Here are the side effects on health.

Health Effects of Drinking Black Coffee

Stomach upset 

Black coffee contains a harmful hydrochloric acid that upsets the stomach. Problems like acidity, nausea, and vomiting can occur because of that harmful acid.

Fast heartbeat 

Black coffee increases the rate of heartbeat. It's the starting sign of many dangerous heart diseases. 

Over urination 

Drinking 6-7 glasses of coffee or more will cause you to over urination. It is a significant fact of kidney damage.

Low eye vision 

Black coffee can lower your eye vision. Like other body parts, it affects our eye also.

4. Getting Used To

Though it does not sound that important, this is actually the major point. All of us start with one cup of coffee. It attacks us with the sweet flavor, and we fall in love with the sweetness. It’s awesome till then.

The problem occurs when this love for coffee takes us to another level. Coffee after sleep, before sleep, while reading the book, after arriving somewhere and in every single place. You will get used to it and in some days 10 cups at a day becomes normal.

Is it shocking to have problems in such cases? Obviously, Not. So, keep yourself in limits and go with a cup one day. It’s better not to be regular.

Wrapping It up

Though there are many side effects of black coffee , it many benefits also. But you will get the benefits of drinking black coffee only when you take it according to the limit. One cup a day is better and having it some often is best. So, get the right sides not the bad. Stay healthy.

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